How to change server region in Overwatch 2 easily

Changing your region and server in Overwatch 2 (image via Overwatch 2)
Changing your region and server in Overwatch 2 (image via Overwatch 2)

Overwatch 2 finally had its official launch a few days ago, and while the shooter seems to be filled with some of the biggest game-breaking bugs in FPS history, players are still having a great time with all the brand new features that Blizzard's highly anticipated sequel has to offer.

While there is plenty of content that players can enjoy in the shooter, with new modes as well as characters to try out, the latest entry to the popular franchise has even more to come because of its free-to-play live-service model.

One of the core features that Blizzard has introduced in Overwatch 2 is allowing players on PC to change their regions when deemed necessary.

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When trying out the shooter for the first time, many have found themselves on the wrong servers playing with and against players whose regional languages they don’t recognize, along with the disadvantage of having a much higher latency. The shooter, like its prequel, needs a fair amount of communication amongst teammates to make winning games easier, which is why players have to be in the correct server region.

Fortunately, Overwatch 2 allows players on PC to change their region, and today's guide will help readers through this process.

Changing your region and server in Overwatch 2


Being able to change one’s region and server is a relatively easy process in Overwatch 2, and players will be able to do it in just a few simple steps:

  • Players will first be required to make their way to the client and only from there, will they be able to change their regions as well as server preferences to somewhere that they are most familiar with or is the closest to their internet service provider.
  • In the Overwatch 2 settings page within the client, players will be required to select the region change option and, from there, they will be able to choose where they want to play the game.
  • Another reason why one can look to change their regions in the shooter is to escape the abysmally long queue times. The shooter's servers have been packed since day one, and the American servers, in particular, have shown wait times, even as long as #9000 in the queue.
  • Changing the region to somewhere like Asia will help players get faster queue times, but they will have to play the game at a significantly higher latency until Blizzard addresses the issue and stabilizes the shooter’s servers.

Will Overwatch 2 players be able to change their regions on the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch?


Unfortunately, players accessing Blizzard's latest shooter on all other platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch will not be able to change the game's servers in any way. To use this feature, one will be required to have, which is not available in consoles.

Players on these platforms are stuck in the regions that are automatically closest to their internet provider.

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