How to claim Mass Effect Legendary Edition for free on Prime Day deals?

Some great games are part of the Prime Day offerings (Image via EA)
Some great games are part of the Prime Day offerings (Image via EA)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is one of the better games made by EA, as the bundled version includes tons of content packed with different upgrades and improvements. The series remains one of the favorites for those who love science-fiction shooters. Thanks to Prime Day deals, existing members can claim it at no additional cost.


Prime Day is Amazon's annual festival program that takes place every year. Several products, from books and games to household items, are offered at incredible deals to all users.

Prime users can save even more due to their membership's exclusivity, which has also expanded to the gaming world. There are 30 exciting titles that all existing subscribers of Prime gaming can avail of.

While not all games are worth it despite their $0 costs, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the opposite case, making it essential for players to know how to redeem them.

Prime Day deals allow existing subscribers to get Mass Effect Legendary Edition for no extra cost

As mentioned earlier, a person will have to be a subscriber of Prime gaming to claim the game. Once done, they will have to head to the Prime Gaming website. The home page will show all the games available for a claim.

All users need to do is click on Mass Effect Legendary Edition and claim it. The offer is available until the Prime Day deals are active, with plenty of other great titles like Grid and more.


Additionally, subscribers can use their trial membership to claim and play these games. However, they will need to continue their service to enjoy the perks.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the culmination of three different titles and includes all the content. It has more than 40 DLCs and the content from those as well. Players will be getting the complete experience there is when it comes to the award-winning trilogy.

Released in 2021, the Legendary Edition is more of a remaster and preserves the essence of the original games. Those who might be too young to play it in the first decade can enjoy additional content and expansions.

Many critics believe the expansions have improved all three games compared to how they were in the original. In addition, the Legendary Edition has improved the game's graphical capabilities and significantly improved it from what it was during its initial release.


The trilogy will put players in the shoes of Commander Shepherd, considered one of the most iconic in the world of video games. As Shepherd takes on different missions across the galaxy, players can see the lore and backdrop of what led to the expansions at an intergalactic level. Fans can customize the character's looks and skills for Shepherd as they proceed through the missions.

With such vast, high-quality content available at no additional cost, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a game every Prime member must claim till the offer is life. The trilogy will allow new players to get the complete experience in a sequential fashion.

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