Fall Guys Amazon Prime Gaming (July 2022) free rewards revealed - how to get costumes and more

Amazon Prime Gaming July 2022 free rewards (image by Mediatonic)
Amazon Prime Gaming July 2022 free rewards (image by Mediatonic)
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Amazon Prime Gaming is back with new rewards for Fall Guys, including two new costumes (upper and lower) and a new pattern.

Fall Guys is a platformer battle royale game developed by Mediatonic and WAS released back in August 2020. The game immediately garnered fans across the world for its fun and quirky take on the battle royale genre, blending it with a platformer. In the game, players don't directly compete against each other, but rather against the state and a running clock.

The title recently went free-to-play and has become available on the Epic Games Store. New and old players are jumping back into the game to discover and rediscover new and exciting stages to overcome, from the iconic Door Dash to the frustrating Team Tag.


What are the Fall Guys Amazon Prime Gaming free rewards for July 2022?

Every month since December 2020, Amazon Prime Gaming has given free rewards for the game. They range from in-game currency Crowns and Kudos to fun and exciting costumes and patterns to set the player apart from everyone.

After giving away The Amazing Falldazzler costume and 6,500 Kudos last month, Amazon Prime Gaming is back with new rewards for the players in July 2022. The rewards for this month are as follows,

  • Pitchers Mitt upper costume
  • Pool Life Line lower costume
  • POP Pattern
sun's out, skins out! grab TWO wearables and a cute popcorn pattern with this months @PrimeGaming bundle! ☀️

While the lack of Crowns or Kudos this month is a tad bit disappointing, players are getting the POP Pattern item, perhaps as a substitute. The Pitchers Mitt upper costume also gives the player a baseball mitt and a ball, while the Pool Life Line lower costume gives players a swim tube to flote in.

How to link your Amazon account to Fall Guys and get free rewards

Amazon Prime Gaming, the gaming service included with Amazon’s Prime membership, offers its customers free rewards across different titles, including Fall Guys.

Although Prime Gaming isn’t available in all regions, subscribers in the available locales do get a lot of perks, including free games.

To get the free rewards, players must have an active Amazon Prime membership and Fall Guys. With that being said, here’s how to link the title to Amazon Prime Gaming account and get free rewards.

  1. From the main menu of the game, open the options screen and choose "Settings."
  2. Select "Link Amazon Account" and navigate to the correct regional code website.
  3. Sign in to the Amazon account.
  4. Enter any OTP code that Amazon sends to the your mobile phone for verification.
  5. Enter the code displayed in the game on the Amazon website when prompted.
  6. Allow Prime Gaming access to your Fall Guys account.
  7. Shut down the game on the console or PC and restart it.
  8. Go to, sign in, scroll down and click the the game's rewards.
  9. Click on the current reward and then "Complete Claim."
  10. If there are no problems a "Successfully Claimed" menu will appear.
  11. Restart the game again to add the rewards to your account.

It should be noted that Amazon Prime Gaming is limited by location, and as such players might not be able to get the rewards based on their region.

Fall Guys recently became free-to-play on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows via the Epic Games Store. Although it has been removed from Steam, it's still supported.

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