How to complete Overwatch 2 challenges

How to complete Overwatch 2 challenges (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
How to complete Overwatch 2 challenges (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Overwatch 2 recently had an enormous launch. The launch was big enough to clutter Blizzard’s servers as a massive number of players tried to log in and experience the game firsthand. The hype around this new First Person Shooter title has been around since it underwent its beta phase.

Blizzard introduced a lot of new content in Overwatch 2 along with the migration of all heroes and maps from the previous title. They have also enabled players to bring over the skins that fans have collected over the years to be used in the sequel.

Challenges are one of the forms of content besides the Battle Pass that has the potential to truly captivate a player. The addition of tasks in a game changes the bland grind to a more interesting format.

Overwatch 2: Types of challenges and how to complete them


The addition of a Task of Challenges system creates a path for the players. However, it does not directly affect the playstyle or gameplay of Overwatch 2.

These challenges and tasks can vary from general goals to hero-specific achievements. The involvement of these features helps players gain a sense of progress during long grind hours.

Challenges and its types

Players can navigate to the Challenges option at the bottom of the Main Screen in Overwatch 2. The menu features a total of six separate tabs. All the separate ones have a specific set of challenges.

The tabs that are currently available are - Daily, Weekly, Season, Competitive, and Lifetime. As of now, the Hero tab has no challenges inside it.

Players can select one and go through all the listed challenges. The criteria for completing these challenges will be listed below their respective title. The placard will list out the completion criteria as well as the progress already achieved on it. Furthermore, it will also show the rewards for completing a specific one.

Why completing challenges is necessary

Most challenges are just another flip-side of the Battle Pass. By targeting and completing the challenges, players can gain huge amounts of XP points which, in turn, will level up the Battle Pass. It is a time-limited content, and those who purchase it have an urgency to complete it and reap the rewards.

Introducing only the Battle Pass in a game would be too difficult. This is because players would have to mindlessly grind matches to earn XP for higher BP tiers. The XP gain per match is not much and it would become a tedious activity. Challenges can also be hero-specific where it would require users to complete tasks with select names in a class.

There are also more generic challenges available for players like inflicting a total amount of damage or a total sum of the number of times someone uses their ultimate ability. These are easier tasks that are usually featured in Daily or Weekly challenges. The reward is comparatively less, but it is better than having to grind Quick Play matches.


This concludes the Overwatch 2 Challenges and a brief on their types. Blizzard Entertainment is trying to provide the community with the best FPS experience they can provide via their newest title. Fans can expect several changes to be coming in order to balance and mediate the gameplay further.

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