How to convert your Warzone and MW3 sensitivity to XDefiant?

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Converting your Warzone and MW3 in-game sensitivity to XDefiant (Image via Ubisoft)

Converting your Warzone and MW3 sensitivity to XDefiant is a simple task. All you need is some basic math to obtain your ideal number. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to maintain a similar sensitivity. Both the Call of Duty games and XDF have a similar pace of gameplay and gunplay. Hence, if you are already used to your Call of Duty sensitivity value, it might be worth converting it for the arena shooter.

Keeping your sensitivity the same across games helps you achieve a consistent experience. This means more consistent aiming and ensures optimal performance in both titles. This is especially important for players who frequently switch between the two games as it rids them of the time required to get adjusted to a new sensitivity value completely.

Hence, in this brief guide, we will look at how you can convert your Warzone and MW3 sensitivity to the arena shooter easily.

Guide to converting your Warzone and MW3 sensitivity to XDefiant


To convert your Warzone and MW3 sensitivity to XDefiant, you must know the current sensitivity value in the Call of Duty games. From thereon, multiply that number by 3.75. To convert the values easily, use this formula:

Warzone and MW3 sensitivity x 3.75 = XDefiant sensitivity

For instance, let's assume you play both the Call of Duty games at a sensitivity value of 8. Now, to convert it to that of XDefiant, multiply the number by 3.75 (8 x 3.75), which will result in a sensitivity value of 30. This will ensure your overall gameplay experience, especially when it comes to aiming and using your firearms, will be the same.

This is a very crucial step to maintain consistency across the games. However, a few players prefer to change their sensitivity. That is a valid argument especially if you are converting from Valorant or Counter-Strike 2, as these two titles are slow-paced. But if you are going from MW3 and Warzone to XDF, you will barely notice any drastic differences in terms of pace and gunplay.

Hence, it is highly recommended to convert your mouse sensitivity values and then maintain the same sensitivity, although the number might appear a little different.

This method is also valid for converting your XDF sensitivity value to Warzone and MW3. However, in this case, you divide the sensitivity of the arena shooter by 3.75 to arrive at the correct value for Call of Duty games.

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