How to customize weapons in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer? All types of attachments and more explained

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 weapon customization (Image Via Activision)
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 weapon customization (image Via Activision)

Modern Warfare 2 is the latest offering from the Call of Duty franchise and the newest title comes with tons of exciting changes.

Modern Warfare 2 is the latest title in the series that has been developed by Infinity Ward. Just like any other Call of Duty title, this one also comes with a single-player campaign along with an online multiplayer mode. The complete game goes live on October 28, however, gamers who have pre-ordered a digital copy of the game can currently enjoy the campaign due to the early access privilege.


Despite having a stunning campaign mode, the majority of the player base is mostly interested in the online multiplayer aspect of the game. As the multiplayer mode goes live on October 28, players need to know about major changes that have come to the gunsmith system of Modern Warfare 2.

An in-depth review of the gunsmith and weapon customization of Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 features a brand new gunsmith system that has never been seen before in a Call of Duty title. The gunsmith system was first showcased at the Call of Duty NEXT event, which also revealed major details about the upcoming launches from the franchise. Players have also been able to experience the new gunsmith system during the beta testing phase of the game.


The new gunsmith system revolves around the concept of weapon platforms or, receivers. According to the latest official news, Modern Warfare 2 will feature 33 receivers at launch, which can be unlocked as players reach their required military ranking, with each receiver having up to six weapons from that family.

Tech tree of the Lachmann family of weapons (image via YouTube/Hero)
Tech tree of the Lachmann family of weapons (image via YouTube/Hero)

Once a player unlocks a receiver, they get their hands on the first weapon from that tech tree. To avail the other weapons from that family, players will have to level up the guns that they have unlocked. Once the player completes the Weapon Platform progression threshold of that tech tree, they will have unlocked all the weapons from that particular family.

However, leveling up the progression will not only unlock the guns, it will also unlock various attachments that can be used in any of the weapons from that particular branch of the tech tree.

Finishing the progression thresholds for all the receivers will give players access to 51 primary and secondary weapons for their loadouts in multiplayer right after the launch.

Various customization options for weapons in the new gunsmith


Various customization features that can be used to modify guns in multiplayer modes of Modern Warfare 2 are mentioned below:

  • Attachments: Barrel, muzzle, underbarrel, laser, ammunition, magazine, optic, stock, and rear grip.
  • Weapon Blueprints: Gives a pre-built custom weapon.
  • Weapon Vault: A new concept that has been added to Modern Warfare 2. Weapons vaults are fully customizable blueprints, that do not ruin the aesthetics even if different attachments are used for the gun.
  • Camos: Modern Warfare 2 comes with camouflages for your weapon.
  • Stickers: As the name implies, stickers are small cosmetic items that can be pasted on the surface of the guns.
  • Weapon charms: Charms can be attached to the weapons and will dangle on a keychain for added personality.
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As we all know, attachments are the various items used to fine-tune and improve the performance of a gun. In the game, players will be able to add up to 5 attachments to refine the performance of the base weapon for their loadouts.

Camos, stickers, and charms are the usual cosmetic items for guns that can be found in the Call of Duty series. These items don't have any effect on the performance of the gun.

These are the various customization options for guns in the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode. The game goes live on October 28, and those who finish the campaign during the early access will get a bunch of rewards when the multiplayer goes live.

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