How to defeat Margit the Fell Omen in Elden Ring

This boss is one of the first true challenges in the game (Image via FromSoftware)
This boss is one of the first true challenges in the game (Image via FromSoftware)

As the first major challenge in Elden Ring, Margit the Fell Omen is sure to cause plenty of grief for players as they get used to the latest FromSoftware game. Before players can progress to the main aspects of Stormveil Castle, Margit is an obstacle that needs to be taken out.

While all the other side bosses in the area aren't exactly easy, Margit is definitely a step above the average boss at that level. The boss has awkward movements and attacks that can absolutely destroy players before they know what hit them. But like any boss fight, knowledge of the enemy is the best asset.

Fighting Margit the Fell Omen in Elden Ring

Prepare for two separate phases. (Image via Games Radar)
Prepare for two separate phases. (Image via Games Radar)

If players are looking for a way to cheese Margit in Elden Ring, that won't exactly be an option. Overall, players will need to use their skills and equipment to take out the boss if they wish to progress. This doesn't mean that skills and equipment won't make a huge difference in the fight. There are a few tips that players can follow to turn the tides of the fight.

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Tips to fight against Margit the Fell Omen:

  • Summoning an NPC just before the boss door is one of the easiest ways to ensure damage and a distraction against the boss.
  • Using Ash summons is also a fantastic option. The wolves are one of the best summons to use that can easily distract the boss within the arena.
  • Other items such as Fire Grease and Bone Darts can also make a huge difference in damage to speed up the fight.
  • In the first phase, he will have slow, awkward movements that require patience to dodge, especially in the air.
  • Phase 2 begins when he brings out conjured weapons made of light.

On top of the normal tips, there is also the execution of these mechanics that players need to focus on in the fight.

Taking out the boss fast in Elden Ring


Using summons is one of the fastest ways to burn down the boss in this arena. An NPC summon mixed with wolf ash summons will ensure that the boss has a lot to handle.

With so much damage going around, the boss is likely to get staggered fast. Using that to their advantage, players can use the critical boost along with the distractions to win the battle.

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