How to easily earn a 500k score using a simple cheese in Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022

Lightblade final boss in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)
Lightblade final boss in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)
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While Destiny 2 might be seen as a competitive first-person shooter in PvE and PvP, the community comes up with some of the most random things to bypass challenges. Guardian Games is supposed to be an event where everyone gets into their fierce mindset in the spirit of winning.

The recent cheese perhaps breaks every rule about earning medals and scores to be crowned as number 1. The catch, however, is to score enough points to be in the top 10% of the players by the end of the event on May 24. To do this, everyone needs to cross the 175k threshold to gain Platinum tier completion.

The cheese itself allows players to break that threshold and reach a score of up to 600k, depending on the amount of time taken to complete the activity.

Easy 500 to 600k score by using cheese in Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 playlist

1) What is the cheese?

Guardian Angel medal inside the playlist (Image via Destiny 2 YouTuber, Cheese Forever)
Guardian Angel medal inside the playlist (Image via Destiny 2 YouTuber, Cheese Forever)

The main idea behind the cheese is to earn 500k at the start of the Strike by earning the Guardian Angel medal. Players can then complete the rest of the activity at their own pace, since it takes approximately 16 minutes to reach the 550k mark.


Anything past 20 minutes will deduct points from the total score and will not grant anything from killing enemies. So it is best to breeze through the strike once players are done earning a total of 500k points or more using the cheese.

The Guardian Angel medal grants more points than killing enemies, which is the sole reason behind executing this cheese. The medal itself can be earned after quickly reviving two downed allies.

2) How to do the cheese?

The Lightblade strike entrance (Image via Destiny 2)
The Lightblade strike entrance (Image via Destiny 2)

The information about this cheese comes from a YouTube content creator who goes by the name of Cheese Forever. They are widely known for bugs and glitches that are used in-game to bypass activities and tough encounters. Their latest video might be for those who want to be in the top 10% at the end of Guardian Games.

As mentioned before, players will need to earn the Guardian Angel medal to execute this cheese properly. However, to do that, each fire team member will need to revive two of their allies. Therefore, everyone will need to follow these general rules to execute the cheese properly:

  • Lower power levels can be done by acquiring a 0 to 21 power item from the Destiny 2 collection.
  • A weapon with Ricochet Rounds perk.
  • Revive must be rotated due to the short cooldown after dying.

The first player will revive the remaining two Guardians. The two Guardians will die by shooting at the wall they are standing next to. The Ricochet Rounds and low power will help them die quickly. After reviving the two Guardians, the first player will need to shoot themselves, whereas the second revived Guardian now has to revive the third and the first player.

@Aztecross @Pastuleo23 Yep. I assume this means you either do this cheese, or you won't get the emblem for top 10%. Depends on how many people 10% is, maybe a natural 300k+ will be enough.

This process needs to be on rotation until the entire Destiny 2 fireteam reaches a score of 500k. Depending on the efficiency, even a score of 600k can be achieved.

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