Destiny 2 weekly reset (May 10 to 17): Guardian Games' second week, Iron Banner returns, and more 

Destiny 2 Iron Banner armor set (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Iron Banner armor set (Image via Bungie)
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After an eventful first week of Destiny 2 Guardian Games, it is time for players to look for new activities. With Hunter currently in the top spot on the Podium, things are going to get busier for Warlocks and Titans with the latest activities from the upcoming weekly reset.

Bungie will be bringing back the Iron Banner PvP activity alongside the Birthplace of the Vile Nightfall. Typically, no Trials weekend is to be expected from May 13, solely because of the Iron Banner runtime.

Next week in Destiny 2

Players are recommended to finish everything related to Trials this week, as Crucible bonus ranks will be granted to everyone upon completing anything from the normal playlist or the Iron Banner. The following article breaks down everything coming in the weekly reset of May 10.

All upcoming content in the weekly reset of Destiny 2 Season of the Risen (May 10)

1) Guardian Games 2022

Warlock depositing medals on the podium (Image via Destiny 2)
Warlock depositing medals on the podium (Image via Destiny 2)

Guardian Games 2022 is the first annual event in the Year 5 expansion which comes with time-gated quests. In the run to be crowned the superior class, Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans are in a race against each other for three weeks. May 10 will mark the end of the first week of the Guardian Games.

Guardian Games heats up this weekend. The Competitive strike playlist has arrived. Aim for the highest score and earn exciting

Quests such as Medallion Batallion and Shoot to Score need to be completed every week, as it allows everyone to light two Platinum torches for the Guardian Games emblem. The entirety of the player base is also racing for the top 10% slot among the participants, as a rare emblem will be awarded to players within that range.

Gathering points within the Guardian Games playlist grants a Pinnacle gear, whereas completing Platinum tier activities progresses the Medallion Batallion and Shoot to Score quest. The latter requires participation in the Competitive playlist as it is more than just depositing medals.

2) Iron Banner returns

Iron Banner vendor, Lord Saladin (Image via Destiny 2)
Iron Banner vendor, Lord Saladin (Image via Destiny 2)

The Iron Banner will make its return for the last time in Season of the Risen, as Lord Saladin grants players a final chance at Pinnacle gears. This high-tier 6v6 PvP activity can also serve as a catalyst for PvP mains, as all three classes can use their class ability against other Guardians to earn medals.

Typically, Trials of Osiris are not expected to run during Iron Banner week. This allows players to focus solely on farming exclusive tokens, turning them in for Iron Banner gears, and farming 1560 gears to infuse any remaining weapons or armor.

3) Birthplace of the Vile Nightfall

Birthplace of the Vile Nightfall (Image vis Destiny 2)
Birthplace of the Vile Nightfall (Image vis Destiny 2)

Introduced with The Witch Queen expansion, Birthplace of the Vile is the second Scorn-based Strike in the game that comes with typical hard-hitting modifiers. Players can go for the normal version of the Nightfall weapon by running lower difficulty Nightfalls as the Grandmaster pool consists of all the missions right now.

Since there are Scorns, players can expect Unstoppable and Overload Champions alongside all three elemental shields. The burn damage is expected to be Void, where players will receive 50% more Void damage while dealing 25% bonus damage to enemies.

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