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How to find Anomaly Shards in Outriders

Image Via Square Enix
Image Via Square Enix
Modified 09 Apr 2021

Anomaly Shards are one of the most significant resources in Outriders, and players are going to need a large supply as they get fuintoher in the game. Anomaly Shards can be somewhat easy to acquire, but the options to obtain them are limited.

Dismantling gear in Outriders is the only way to stock up on Anomaly Shards. Searching the world or hoping for quest rewards is out of the question. The only way to farm the Anomaly Shards is by destroying excess loot.

Any time gear is dismantled in Outriders, players will be rewarded with Anomaly Shards. How many shards are given will scale, but not on the rarity or the quality of the weapon like some games might do. Instead, Anomaly Shards are rewarded based on the attribute that the dismantled gear has. Each attribute will have its own amount of shards that are needed to upgrade different pieces of gear.

Scrolling over the Anomaly Shards icon in the inventory screen will give players a full list of how many Anomaly Shards they have for each type of attribute. If players start to dismantle gear early on in the game, then there should be a good stack of shards waiting for use later on in Outriders. It's yet another reason why players should focus on dismantling gear rather than selling it.

Crafting with Anomaly Shards or any other materials in Outriders

There are a lot of aspects to crafting in Outriders, and there are a few different materials that players can collect along the way. In general though, crafting is based on enhancing or upgrading equipment in Outriders, rather than creating something entirely new.

One of the major resources aside from Anomaly Shards is Titanium. It allows players to increase the rarity of a weapon all the way up to Epic. Legendary weapons are their own category that must be found in Enoch or in missions.


Upgrading rarity opens up the way for attribute upgrades, and mods will also go along with the system. Mods are another reason why dismantling gear is so important, as any gear with a mod that is dismantled will automatically be learned. It can then be used on future gear.

Swapping variants is one more aspect of crafting that allows players to change the overall function of a weapon. That could mean changing from lightweight to a slower and heavier bullet.

Published 09 Apr 2021, 04:07 IST
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