How to find Camden Park in Fallout 76

Camden Park as seen in Fallout 76 (Image via Bethesda)
Camden Park as seen in Fallout 76 (Image via Bethesda)

Everyone loves a trip to the amusement park! Even Bethesda knows this, so they added Camden Park as a visitable location in Fallout 76. What many players may not know is that Camden Park is an actual place people go to visit this day.

How can players reach this location in the game, and what can they do there?

With the Fallout franchise taking place in the real-world United States, the franchise developers often put in real landmarks from the area. The most prominent of these landmarks from the series' past is the Freedom Trail from Fallout 4, a recreation of the real Freedom Trail in Boston, Massachusetts.

Knowing Bethesda's reputation with these popular real-world areas in their games, users may be even more enticed to visit Camden Park in Fallout 76. However, many of them may not know how they can reach this place.

Luckily, finding Camden Park is not as complicated as some may believe.

Fallout 76: What can gamers do at Camden Park?

A player with Camden Park marked on their map (Image via Bethesda)
A player with Camden Park marked on their map (Image via Bethesda)

Anyone wanting to visit Camden Park in Fallout 76 will need to turn their attention to the far western portion of the map. Camden Park lies on the western border of the Ash Heap area of the game. Users should easily be able to find it as it is one of the few significant landmarks in the game to be marked on the map.

Those looking for this location should look for decoration on the map that looks like a rollercoaster. If gamers are having a hard time finding it, they should focus on the grey area on the southwestern side of the map.

Camden Park lies between the river border to the far west and the Ash Heap area of the game.

With all the information about reaching this location, they can begin looking into why someone would want to visit it. Apart from a fun trip to the amusement park being an excellent way to get away from the stress of living in the Appalachian nuclear wasteland, it may be worthwhile.


Right away, one of the more useful items gamers may find during their visit to Camden Park is a Power Armor chassis with Raider Armor equipped to it. This can be an excellent way for lower-level players to get their first major power spike, as Power Armor is the best way to defend yourself in the wasteland.

Powering the Power Armor requires fusion cores, which are relatively scarce without a way to mass-produce them. Hence, it is best to collect as many as users can at lower levels.

Luckily, there are two guaranteed fusion cells at Camden Park located at the Widowmaker and Shunt' n Bunt ride generators.

The addition of a real-world amusement park in Fallout 76 makes for an interesting place to explore. For gamers needing more incentive aside from that to warrant a trip, the potentially high-tiered loot of the area makes it a worthwhile place to visit every now and then.