How to find all Ghost Team targets in Modern Warfare 2 and unlock the “Practice Makes Perfect” achievement

Finding all Ghost Team target locations in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Modern Warfare 2)
Finding all Ghost Team target locations in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Modern Warfare 2)

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign is finally available for early access for those who have pre-ordered the shooter. There is a lot that the new narrative and gunplay bring to the table, along with an intriguing and often challenging set of achievements that you can unlock.

With around 24 challenges to unlock as you make your way through the campaign, there is a lot that you will be to do with some of the open-world elements that the narrative boasts.

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One of the more difficult achievements that many in the community are having trouble with is the “Practice Makes Perfect” trophy. The achievement will task you with finding all the 33 targets in the Ghost team around the practice area.

The mission is quite reminiscent of the S.S.D.D tutorial missions from the original 2009 Modern Warfare 2 title. However, this one comes with a few twists.

“Practice Makes Perfect” is quite a tricky achievement to unlock, and if you are struggling with it, today’s guide will go over how you can find all Ghost Team targets in Modern Warfare 2.

Finding all Ghost Team target locations in Modern Warfare 2


You will be required to find all 33 of the Ghost Team targets in the practice area in order to unlock the “Practice Makes Perfect” achievement. Although some of them are fairly easy to find, there are many that are tucked away in between vehicles and even on rooftops.

Here's how you can reach all the target locations:

  • Make your way clockwise around the area once the boss battle begins. You will find the first four targets around a few destroyed cars, with a fifth on top of a metal container. Upon progressing further, you will be able to spot another one at the edge of the practice area, located right outside a metal container, with the seventh one placed on top of a wooden barricade just beside it.
  • Make your way further clockwise around the edge of the area, and you will notice two more targets that are inside and on top of the batch of cement blocks. There will also be another just outside the wooden shotgun range, which is located at the back of the practice arena itself.
  • Once you have obtained all the Ghost Team targets from the outer edges of the practice arena in Modern Warfare 2, you will then be required to make your way into the four buildings that are located smack in the midst of the arena. Each of the buildings will have multiple targets you can locate, especially outside the wall, on the ground floor, and on the roof.
  • The first three buildings that you will encounter by moving clockwise in the arena will contain five targets each. However, the last one will contain eight. You are advised to approach these structures as methodically as possible, as the tank which is after your life will not let you have a fun time acquiring these targets.

Once you have located all the Ghost Team targets in Modern Warfare 2, you will automatically unlock the “Practice Makes Perfect” achievement, which is one of the hardest trophies to get in the shooter.

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