How long does it take to beat the Modern Warfare 2 campaign? Story Mode length revealed 

So how long is the Modern Warfare 2 story? (Image via Modern Warfare 2)
So how long is the Modern Warfare 2 story? (Image via Modern Warfare 2)

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign mode is now live for early access and players who had pre-ordered the game are enjoying the new narrative that the revamped 2009 title brings to the table.

While the narrative of the new entry will feature familiar faces like that of Soap and Captain Price, the premise and the story vastly differ from the original game. The game now features the full roster of Task Force 141, with a compelling narrative and over-the-top action gunplay, which many franchise fans have come to love about the Call of Duty games.

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The story mode of Call of Duty titles has historically been short, barely extending beyond five to six hours, especially if you are playing the game on regular difficulty or lower.

Hence, there are many in the community who are quite curious as to the game time Modern Warfare 2 requires in order to fully round out the narrative.

Modern Warfare 2 story could take more than 8 hours on the higher difficulty levels


As reported by many in the Call of Duty community who have early access to the campaign mode of Modern Warfare 2, the story is barely more than six hours long on regular difficulty. However, the time went up significantly, by almost two hours, on higher difficulty levels.

This is because of the greater challenges that the game has introduced this time around. Modern Warfare 2 has much more intuitive AI opponents as compared to previous franchise entries. Even on Regular, the campaign feels like a challenge, and you will be dying pretty often if you are just starting out with the narrative.

Enemy bullets barely miss and on Hard Difficult, you will need to be behind covers throughout the major portion of the gunfight if you wish to avoid constantly reloading checkpoints after death. This increases the playtime of the story by quite a bit, as rushing down the enemy Ai is no longer an option in the new franchise entry.

Completionsists, on the other hand, will require more than 10 hours to complete the title on any difficulty setting. As per to the PlayStation trophies and Xbox achievements lists, Modern Warfare 2 has 24 challenges that you can look to complete, and this is across both the campaign and Spec Ops.


Some of the trophies have incredibly difficult clauses stuck to it, like not firing a single bullet throughout the entirety of one mission. The trophy difficulty is coupled with some of the open-world elements that some of the maps possess, completing all the objectives and the missions will take a very long time, and many have reported it to be more than 10 hours.

The open-world element also offers gameplay variety, and will allow you to approach a mission in whichever way you want. This will also manipulate the completion time of the game, as some approaches will be significantly faster than the rest.

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign’s early access has given players a lot to unpack, teasing them with some incredible gameplay features they can expect when the title officially goes live with the multiplayer on October 28, 2022, for the major platforms of PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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