Modern Warfare 2 “Dev Error 253”: How to fix

How to fix Dev Error 253 in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Activision)
How to fix Dev Error 253 in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was released on October 28 as the latest front-runner for the popular franchise and carries forward the legacy its predecessors have created. Activision has major big plans for the future and is starting out their journey towards an incredibly realistic FPS experience with their latest title.

After completing a series of successful beta phases, the developers were able to identify and resolve various in-game issues and bugs that were plaguing Modern Warfare 2. Since then, a brand new error has surfaced and happens to be a very particular issue that only occurs in certain situations.

This article will take a look at what this new bug is all about and how it can possibly be rectified before the developers drop an update to permanently fix this issue in the game.

Modern Warfare 2 Dev Error 253


It is no surprise that a recently released game contains a bug or two that has not been identified in the testing phase. Since Modern Warfare 2 is a multiplayer game with a single-player campaign mode included, there are bound to be hiccups that will prevent fans from enjoying this new title.

The new bug is particularly interesting as it does not pertain to multiplayer game modes and seems to only occur for players trying to complete one of the missions in the campaign mode. It is clearly an unexpected error that developers will want to rectify as soon as possible to maintain the game's integrity, at least in the story mode.

How to fix


The Dev Error 253 is a bug that's present in the game's campaign mode, which is why there aren't many potential fixes from the user's end. Fortunately, there are a few methods that have worked for the player base in the past for similar issues in the campaign mode:

  • Should a player encounter this bug while playing a specific mission in Modern Warfare 2, the first fix that they should try is restarting the mission. Restarting a mission allows the game to restart all of the required assets for that particular segment of the story and can prevent further errors.
  • Search for game updates and restart the game client if necessary. An update may be queued that was not previously visible on the client and installing the latest update may solve this issue.
  • Verifying the integrity of the local game files is another way to make sure no critical files are missing from the system that might be triggering this issue to occur as the game cannot fire up the functionality required for that segment.
  • These methods should solve the issue, but it is not a guaranteed solution for all the players and might work for some, but not others. Reinstalling the game will guarantee a fresh set of game files, but should be used as a last resort instead of jumping directly to this step.

Dev Error 253


There have been multiple reports of players encountering this issue in the campaign mode and specifically in the mission titled “Alone” in Modern Warfare 2. This bug may be surfacing as a side effect of a certain missing game file that's not important for the game to start, but serves a particular function in one portion of that mission.

These are some of the best possible fixes for the Dev Error 253 bug in Activision’s latest addition to the Modern Warfare series. Fortunately, there have been official announcements stating that the developers are currently looking into the issue, so fans can keep checking for game updates to likely download the official fix as soon as it releases.