How to get the Headless Horsepower exotic Sparrow in Destiny 2 

Headless Horsepower exotic Sparrow in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)
Headless Horsepower exotic Sparrow in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)

The eighth week of Destiny 2 Season of the Lost saw the arrival of one of the most awaited annual events, known as the Festival of the Lost. With numerous triumphs, seasonal challenges, and bounties, Eva Levante came prepared at the Tower.

Exotics from Destiny 2 are always welcome in the Guardian's inventory. Be it weapons, armor, ornaments, or sparrows, exotic rarity holds a special place in the game.

The latest addition to the tally, Headless Horsepower, is no different as players need to work a little extra to get hold of it.

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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost: How to get the Headless Horsepower

Sparrows, although mentioned rarely, have an overall higher rate of usage by the Guardians inside any Destiny 2 activity. Sparrows have stayed with the players, from outdoor spawning in strikes to an entire encounter dedicated to the Scourge raid despite their most tumultuous times.

The Festival of the Lost 2021 brought in a fair trade, as Eva Levante will be giving away an exotic sparrow called "Headless Horsepower" at the cost of an event triumph.

This can be acquired via a simple process which entails investing hours in grinding, multiple runs of activities, and collecting candies.

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The grinding process for Destiny 2 events is no news to the players. As long as there's decent loot on the other side, Guardians can put hours into farming and repeat the entire process ad nauseam.

While the idea behind the latest gears and exotic is similar, players need to know the currencies and prudent methods to farm them more efficiently. The latter will be essential in shortening the process.

Farmable masks in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost (Image via Bungie)
Farmable masks in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost (Image via Bungie)

To acquire the exotic sparrow, Guardians will need to finish the triumph titled "Masked Rider." Additional details can be found by navigating within the Triumph tab and then to the Season of the Lost section.

The mentioned triumph can now be found within the events tab. Players need to unlock all six masks presented by Eva Levante in the Tower. However, these masks can also be purchased by using candies.

Triumph page (Image via Bungie)
Triumph page (Image via Bungie)

One of the most important ways to earn candy inside Destiny 2 activities is to farm the Haunted Sectors and defeat Headless Ones inside. Eva's weekly bounties will grant a total of 250 candies each, which adds up to 1500 candies across all three characters.

Her daily bounties will be reward 30 candies. Coupled with that, players will get additional bounties with 20 candies upon further completion.

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