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How to get a pet in Among Us: Step by step guide

Among Us is the recent video game to take the gaming industry by storm (Image Credit: InnerSloth)
Among Us is the recent video game to take the gaming industry by storm (Image Credit: InnerSloth)
Modified 27 Sep 2020, 01:21 IST

Among Us has been rising steadily in popularity, and almost every second person on the internet is now playing this game. Even though the video game released all the way back in 2018, the internet is only boarding the hype train now. Just as the name suggests, the objective of each match is simple to understand.

There is an imposter among the crewmates whose objective is to kill everyone on the spaceship.

However, the crewmates have the responsibility of finishing up their tasks, all the while trying to deduce which crewmate is the killer. The basics of the game are simple to learn, but they are hard to master. Each match is different from the other in this game, thereby bringing new elements into play every time.

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Pets were added to Among Us by the developers to add further customization options. As one would expect, these pets do not provide any sort of competitive advantage to the owner.

However, its always nice to have a dog wagging his tail and looking merry around you, while you complete your tasks or go on a killing spree.

Step by Step guide for getting a pet in Among Us

Pets can be purchased in Among Us using real money
Pets can be purchased in Among Us using real money

There are a total of ten pets in the game namely: Squiq, Bedcrab, Brainslug, UFO, Dog, Hamster, Mini Crewmate, Robot, Henry and Ellie. Each of these pets look very different from one another. While some of them are adorable, others might seem a little off-putting to Among Us players.


Step#1- Join a Public or Private lobby. (Private lobbies are recommended as you can comfortably make the purchase in-game without hurrying for the match)

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Step #2- Once you have entered the lobby, make your way to the laptop and click on the option 'Customize'.

Step #3- Select the Pet Tab, and you should see no available pets in your inventory.

Step #4- Click on the small dollar sign ($) beside your character, and you should see a variety of pets available for purchase in the game. Choose the pet you like. All of them cost $2.99 (₹250), and can be purchased using your preferred mode of payment.

Step #5- After purchasing, repeat the same process and you should see your pet ready to go an adventure with you in the inventory.


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Among Us can be played for free on Android and iOS devices. On Steam though, it will need to be purchased for ₹199.

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Published 27 Sep 2020, 01:21 IST
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