How to get the Rat King in Destiny 2

Call the exterminator (Image via Bungie)
Call the exterminator (Image via Bungie)
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Destiny 2 features hundreds of unique weapons with effects that can radically affect the moment-to-moment gameplay. The best weapons in the game are strong enough to build an entire character around, and this unique sidearm is no exception.

The Rat King is an Exotic pistol emblazoned with a trio of rats along the weapon's slide. It comes with a couple of excellent unique abilities that could define a player's PVP or PVE playstyle.

How to unlock the Rat King in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 used to feature a full series of missions that would unlock the weapon, but that has changed. Players will have to purchase the Rat King with various in-game materials to acquire it.

Take back the Light.Savathûn, The Witch Queen, // 2.22.22

The Rat King quest took place on Titan, but due to events in the plot, that area is no longer accessible. Since players can't play through that series of riddles and mysteries, they have to gather a ton of material to purchase it.

Players must head to the Monument to Lost Lights, located at the Tower. For an excellent weapon like this one, the price is high. To buy the gun, players will need the following:

  • 1 Exotic Cipher
  • 100,000 Glimmer
  • 150 Helium Fragments
  • 1 Ascendant Shard

Players can purchase the weapon from that exotic retailer with those items.

The Rat King in Destiny 2

The Rat King is a rapid-fire automatic pistol with a couple of excellent perks. The weapon can fire off a staggering 300 rounds per minute and deal considerable damage in a very short time.

Take back the Light.Savathûn, The Witch Queen, // 2.22.22

The stats are as follows:

Impact: 49

Range: 37

Stability: 46

Handling: 46

Reload Speed: 46

Reload Time: 1.74s

Aim Assistance: 60

Inventory Size: 80

Zoom: 12

Recoil: 80

Bounce Intensity: 20

Rounds Per Minute: 300

Magazine: 15

The Rat King has two innate abilities. Rat Pack causes this weapon to deal significantly more damage to each teammate who carries it. This stacks up to six times, meaning a seven-Guardian team bearing Rat Kings could be destroying enemies with enormous damage.

The other ability is Vermin, which allows the wielder to become invisible for a few seconds if they reload after a kill. A team with a rapid-fire weapon can jump in, ventilate a horde of enemies, and then disappear before firing another volley.

The Rat King is one of the most interesting weapons in Destiny 2's massive arsenal. Its unique abilities make it one of the most fun options.

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