How to get silver in V Rising

As lethal to you as it is to them (Image via Stunlock Studios)
As lethal to you as it is to them (Image via Stunlock Studios)

V Rising puts a new spin on the once overexposed survival game genre by placing the player on the throne of a vampire lord. The classic gothic monster tale offers some thrilling new dimensions to the medium and tons of fun for fans of the night.

Those who enjoy vampire stories may recall that silver is considered pure and sometimes depicted as vampire poison. This new game agrees with that depiction yet finds a use for the shimmering metal regardless.

Getting silver ore in V Rising

V Rising hides most of its best gifts in its massive open world, but silver is one of the more logical hidden items. To get silver ore, the player will have to head into the caves and mine for it like anyone else.

Travel to the Silverlight Hills in the northwest corner of the map. The northern area of that region features the Sacred Silver Mines, which are hidden deep within caves. Entering those caves and mining the ore is the best way to pick up silver.

Players will need to don a disguise to pass without a trace in and out of the mines with their treasure. In addition, the area is mobbed with enemies of level 60 and above. It'll take a tough fight and some well-executed stealth to enter the mines and take the silver.

The threats aren't over once the player has acquired the silver ore. Silver has a hugely negative effect on the player vampire's health. Every piece of silver ore in the player's inventory weakens and damages their max health.

Players will have to stash their silver in caves along the way back to the home castle. It's almost impossible to make the trip with any significant mass of the treasured ore. Silver also can't make the trip through Waygates, so players will have to be strategic.

What is silver ore used for in V Rising

V Rising doesn't have the player gather up silver just to poison themselves, nor is it useful for purchasing things. Silver ore is a key piece of crafting materials to improve the player's weapons.

The game has several powerful killing tools, but each new level of effectiveness requires the player to reforge the weapons. The player character's stats don't improve. Instead, the weapons become more effective through better materials.

To use silver in forging, the player must first transform it into Dark Silver. Dark Silver is just as lethal to mortals and no longer deadly to vampires. Every ingot of Dark Silver will take 20 units of silver ore and one Scourgestone to forge.

With Dark Silver, players can make their deadly weapons more effective. Increasing the player's skill in combat is always important because enemies will become even stronger. New techniques also open up with each new level of material quality.

V Rising asks its players to steal what they need from under mankind's nose or slay their foes to take it. Silver is as essential to the player as it is toxic.

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