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How to get Strange Eggs in Pokemon Go

(Image Credit: Pokemon GO)
(Image Credit: Pokemon GO)
Brandon Moore
Modified 13 Oct 2020, 21:32 IST

Pokemon GO has a brand new event taking place, centered around a new type of egg and Team Rocket. According to Pokemon GO, Team GO Rocket have been collecting a new type of egg. That egg is called a Strange Egg in-game. This autumn event in Pokemon GO will last until Monday, October 19, 2020 at 10:00 PM PDT.

How to get Strange Eggs in Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO players will be able to obtain a Strange Egg by defeating a Team GO Rocket Leader. In order to battle a Team GO Rocket Leader, players will need to defeat a set number of Team GO Rocket grunts. These grunts can be found in PokeStops and flying around the in-game landscape via balloon. During this event, they will appear more frequently.

Pokemon found in Strange Eggs

These new red eggs - the Strange Eggs, hatch Poison-type or Dark-type Pokemon, or other Pokemon that have an evolution with one of those types. Currently, Larvitar, Scraggy, Trubbish, and Vullaby are the only known Pokemon that will hatch from the Pokemon GO Strange Eggs. Pokemon GO directly states that “there may be even more,” however.

Other event details


The Strange Egg will hatch once placed in an Incubator and the player walks 12 km. While this Pokemon GO event is active, a quarter of the normal walking distance will be required to hatch the Strange Egg.

Poison-type and Dark-type Pokemon will appear more in the wild, including Spinarak, Houndour, Poochyena, Gulpin, Stunky, Purrloin, and more.

Additionally , Team GO Rocket Grunts will be using Shadow versions of Diglett, Shellder, Slowpoke, Aerodactyl, and Skarmory. Team GO Rocket Leaders will be using Shadow versions of Growlithe, Drowzee, and Omanyte.

Once the Special Research for this Strange Eggs event is complete, players will have a chance to battle Giovanni. If the player defeats Giovanni, they will have a chance to rescue Shadow Mewtwo.

Published 13 Oct 2020, 21:32 IST
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