How to get TOTS Rabiot card in FIFA Mobile for free

Adrien Rabiot is the main free tier reward in FIFA Mobile (Image via Sportskeeda)
Adrien Rabiot is the main free tier reward in FIFA Mobile (Image via Sportskeeda)

Adrien Rabiot's card last appeared in the TOTY promo in FIFA Mobile. He has achieved meteoric success as a Juventus player in the ongoing season. Hence, EA Sports has introduced a new 110 OVR Serie A card in the TOTS Serie A Chapter in the mobile variant of FIFA. Playing the event will help gamers across the globe obtain the card, along with other TOTS Serie A offerings.

However, since Rabiot's new item is his highest OVR card, it is natural that its introduction has generated a massive buzz amongst football fans.

Everything that FIFA Mobile players should know about the new 110 OVR TOTS Serie A Adrien Rabiot card

Following yesterday's announcement, EA Sports added a new Team of the Season chapter in FIFA's mobile variant. It celebrates the Italian first division Serie A and its success in the ongoing 2022-23 season. Among the cards of several talented footballers that have been added, a 110 OVR TOTS item of Juventus' midfield maestro Adrien Rabiot can be obtained for free.


FIFA Mobile players are required to complete daily missions, which include AI matches, skill games, and Division Rivals matches (VS Attack) matches to earn Serie A Points. These can then be exchanged for tier rewards in the Serie A Chapter (each exchange costs 45 Serie A Points).

Here's a look at the daily missions available in the new TOTS Serie A chapter:

Skill Game: Freekick - Wall and Targets - 25 Serie A Points.

Match: Play a match against 60 OVR Juventus after 60 minutes with the scoreline reading 0-0 - 40 Serie A Points.

VS Attack: Win a match against an opponent placed in a similar VS Attack tier - 40 Serie A Points.

Advertisement: 10 Serie A Points (refreshes after 12 hours, making a total of 20 Serie A Points).

You can use the points to exchange the tier rewards. If you obtain resource rewards (Coins, Training Transfer Items, or Skill Boosts) twice in a row, then you are guaranteed to receive a player reward in the next exchange.

Here's an overview of the different tier rewards:

Tier 1:

Random 103+ OVR TOTS Player x2

Random 104+ OVR TOTS Player

Tier 2:

106 OVR - GK Vicario

108 OVR - RW Gabriel Strefezza

Tier 3:

110 OVR - CM Adrien Rabiot

Stats to watch out for in 110 OVR Team of the Season Serie A Rabiot card variant available in FIFA Mobile

The TOTS Serie A Chapter offers the French midfielder's card. It has pros that can massively help FIFA Mobile users build their Ultimate Team.


Here's a look at the best stats that the 110 OVR TOTS Rabiot card possesses:

  • Short Passing - 155
  • Long Passing - 152
  • Vision - 148
  • Ball Control - 139
  • Reactions - 137
  • Shot Power - 137
  • Awareness - 134
  • Crossing - 133
  • Dribbling - 133

The new 110 OVR TOTS card, with boosted stats compared to the existing 103, 101, 99, 86, and 80 OVR cards, has become a hot-selling item amongst Serie A enthusiasts in FIFA Mobile. They hope to add Rabiot in their Starting XI for an improved chance of winning Division Rivals (Manager mode or Head-to -Head mode) matches.

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