How hating on Fortnite is slowly becoming a rising trend

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 04 Apr 2021

Fortnite has been around for a while now and has seen a lot of ups and downs. Some of their actions have been lauded by the community while some of them have welcomed a lot of hate.

Either way, Fortnite is a very popular game. However, there are a lot of people who hate Fortnite for no apparent reason. They dislike the game just because it exists, fueling the idea that hating Fortnite is nothing but a trend at this point in time.

Why do people hate Fortnite so much?

Being a huge brand in itself, Fortnite has its own issues. First, the patch notes have gone missing, and the community depends on data miners to know the finer details of an update.

Fans have also repeatedly complained that Epic Games doesn't listen to the community.

However, the kind of changes that the community asks for, cannot be done overnight and requires a lot of time.


Despite that, whenever there's a new announcement, or someone's talking positively about the game, tweets like "dead game" are seen more than often.

Most people do it for attention on social media. People think that commenting negatively will lead to people paying attention to what they have to say when that isn't the case at all.


This toxicity within the Fortnite community will continue to flourish, just like any other gaming community.

What do pros have to say about the current situation of the game?

Fortnite pros have been in the limelight of late for a lot of reasons. A few days ago, Epic Games banned wagers in Fortnite due to an issue with underage gambling. This enraged the community because according to them, this took the fun out of the game. Some Fortnite pros like Cody "Clix" Conrod expressed their frustration with the same.


Another former Fortnite pro, Turner "Tfue" Tenney didn't have kind words about the current Fortnite community. He went on to say that the community was inherently toxic and anyone who was still streaming the game lacked personality.

Where does Fortnite head on from here?


Truth be told, Fortnite Season 6 has had a wonderful start. The battle pass in the current season has a lot of original skins, and there aren't that many collaborations in the season yet.

Yes, the current season does have a few issues, but then again, the season has just started and Epic Games will iron out most of the issues with the current season as the days progress. Fortnite isn't a dead game by any means. The player base is continuously growing, but the growing toxicity in the community needs to be addressed.

Published 04 Apr 2021, 18:51 IST
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