How did Kaeya get his vision in Genshin Impact?

Kaeya (image via Genshin Impact)
Kaeya (image via Genshin Impact)

One of the F2P characters that players get for free at the beginning of Genshin Impact, Kaeya has an interesting story behind his vision.

Kaeya is one of the first characters that players will encounter at the beginning of the game. He serves as the Cavalry Captain in Knights of Favonious. Players can obtain Kaeya as a free playable character from the prologue quest, "The Outlander Who Caught the Wind." Although Kaeya is a common character who has appeared in many quests across Genshin Impact, there's still a great mystery about his past.

Story behind Kaeya's vision in Genshin Impact

The story behind getting Kaeya's vision is mentioned in his character story.

One day, a huge monster attacked a convoy which was being escorted by Diluc and his father Crepus. Crepus tried to strike the monster but could not counter the monster's power. Ultimately, Crepus was engulfed by the monster's evil energy.

To set his father free from the unbearable agony, Diluc took his life. Being Diluc's adopted brother, Kaeya was always present by his side but not on the last day of their father.

Diluc's character story (image via DemonHelfyre)
Diluc's character story (image via DemonHelfyre)

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When Kaeya came to know about the situation, he smirked had this to day:

"This world is truly truly ...fascinating."

This event revealed Kaeya's selfish motives as an agent of Khaenri'ah. Later on, Crepus's death consumed Kaeya with guilt and made him ponder over his ulterior motives.

Ultimately, Kaeya encountered Diluc's rage. But as the two fought, a great cryo elemental power surged through Kaeya, stunning both of them. That's how Kaeya was bestowed with Cryo vision. After that day, Diluc parted ways with Kaeya and went on a different path.

Kaeya vs Diluc fan art(image via u/ryderlt)
Kaeya vs Diluc fan art(image via u/ryderlt)

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History of Kaeya in Genshin Impact

Kaeya refrains from revealing his past to anyone. When asked by Grandmaster Varka about it, Kayea gave some indefinite replies about his history. Players can learn more about his backstory from his character stories in the game.

Kaeya's character story (image via DemonHelfyre)
Kaeya's character story (image via DemonHelfyre)

Being an agent of Khaenri'ah, Kaeya worked undercover in Mondstadt. According to what Kaeya told Grandmaster Varka about his past, he and his father were once passing by the Dawn Winery during a dreadful storm.

By making an excuse to bring some grape juice, his father went afar and never came back. He was abandoned in the storm at night when Crepus Ragnvindr took him in.

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But the truth was something else. When Kaeya parted ways, his father mentioned him as the last hope for their homeland Khaenri'ah. Khaenri'ah was a nation without any god. In the archon quest "We Will be Reunited," players get to know more about this mysterious nation from Dainsleaf and Lumine. Supposedly, Khaenri'ah was destroyed by the archons as they despised the nation without any god.

Master Crepus, the then owner of Mondstadt Wine Industry, adopted Kaeya and treated him like his own son. Kaeya and Diluc Ragnvindr grew up together. They were like twins, protecting Mondstadt from all dangers until a great misfortune happened to Crepus where he lost his life.

Being an unreleased nation, Khaenri'ah holds a lot of secrets. The nation is expected to be released in the final act of the Teyvat storyline of Genshin Impact. Maybe at that time players will get to know the full history of Kaeya.

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