Genshin Impact leaks: List of Inazuma characters likely to appear in the next update

Leaked Inazuma characters (image via Project Celestia)
Leaked Inazuma characters (image via Project Celestia)

The electro nation of Genshin Impact, Inazuma, is likely to be revealed soon. However, players can't wait to know learn more about the Inazuman characters.

Genshin Impact is halfway through its version 1.6, and players have already begun anticipating what characters they can expect in the next update.

List of Inazuma Characters expected to appear in the next update of Genshin Impact

Inazuma is one of the 7 nations in Genshin Impact that is ruled by an electro archon. According to in-game lore, Inazuma is under lockdown by its archon, who supposedly believes people to be unworthy of visions.

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Confirmed Inazuma Characters

Genshin Impact has officially released 4 characters belonging to Inazuma, one of which is coming to the game in a few days.

Kaedehara Kazuha: (5-star character)

Kazuha (image via miHoYo)
Kazuha (image via miHoYo)

A samurai from Inazuma, Kazuha currently travels with Beidou's Crux Fleet. The 5-star Anemo Sword user is reported to have Elemental Mastery as his ascension stat. Kazuha will play an important role in progressing the storyline of Inazuma. Kazuha will be a playable character in the second half of the 1.6 update.

Yoimiya(5-star character)

Yoimiya (image via miHoYo)
Yoimiya (image via miHoYo)

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A Pyro Bow user who is fascinated by fireworks, Yoimiya is the owner of "Naganohara Fireworks". She's also known as the Queen of Summer Festival". Having Crit Rate as her ascension stat, she may be best suited for DPS.

Kamisato Ayaka(5-star character)

Ayaka (image via miHoYo)
Ayaka (image via miHoYo)

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Ayaka has been one of the most anticipated characters of all time in Genshin Impact. After numerous leaks and rumors, Genshin Impact recently officially introduced the Cryo-type character. According to leaks, Ayaka will be a 5-star character and belongs to the reputed Kamisato house of Inazuma. Her ascension stat is Crit DMG, making her a very commendable DPS.

Sayu(4-star character)

Sayu (image via Genshin Impact)
Sayu (image via Genshin Impact)

Rumored to be a sleep-deprived ninja, Sayu is an Anemo Claymore user belonging to Shiyuumatsu-Ban. Her Elemental Mastery ascension stat makes her a great support character.

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Leaked Inazuma Characters

Numerous leaked Inazuma characters have surfaced in forums, although considering only reliable sources, 6 main characters are touted to be arriving in the upcoming updates.

Leaked Inazuma characters (image via Project Celestia)
Leaked Inazuma characters (image via Project Celestia)

Raiden Shogun

The infamous Electro Archon, Shogun, uses Polearm as her weapon. Following the tradition of Archons being god-tier support characters in Genshin Impact, players can expect the same from her. She is also known as Baal in Inazuma.

Shogun's character model:


According to speculations, Yae is an old friend of Zhongli & Shogun. She oversees the Grand Narukami Shrine of Inazuma. She is of Electro type and is expected to be a Catalyst user.

Yae's character model:

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Similar to Childe, this character is also rumored to be both a villain and a playable character. Sara is an Electro Bow user and reportedly works for Shogun. Other speculations mention her as one of the protectors of Inazuma, similar to Liyue's Keqing. She appears in a cutscene narrated by Kazuha as a servant to Shogun.

Sara's character model:


Tohma is rumored to be the partner of Ayaka and the public voice of Kamisato house. In the early beta test of Genshin Impact, Tohma was mentioned in Ayaka's voice lines as someone who works for her. He is a Pyro-user and weilds a Polearm.

Tohma's character model:


Kokomi is leaked to be of the Hydro type and expected to be a Catalyst user. She is said to have replaced Mimi, who was also a similar hydro catalyst character.

Kokomi's character model:


Gorou recently surfaced as a Geo Bow user. He is rumored to be the leader of the resistance movement against Shogun, who also liberated Kazuha.

Leaked Inazuma character, "Gorou" (image via Project Celestia)
Leaked Inazuma character, "Gorou" (image via Project Celestia)

Gorou's character model:

Rarity of the leaked characters are still unknown, while it can be surely said that Shogun, being an archon, will be a 5 star character. The release of all the above characters is subject to change in any manner. Players should keep in mind that there lies a possibility where some characters can be pushed back to far later updates while others may arrive in the next one.

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