How to lose at Among Us

(Image Credit: Innersloth)
(Image Credit: Innersloth)
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Losing at Among Us is something that has a lot more to offer than it seems.

While there are plenty of guides helping players win at Among Us, many players and guide writers seem to overlook the importance of losing. Losing is a skill which, like all other skills, should be taught and trained until anyone interested knows how to lose with the best of them.

Among Us victory screens? Who needs them!

Some might think to themselves, “surely it doesn’t take that much effort to lose at Among Us.” Like most things, this is only partly correct. It is true that an unfocused and uncaring player may occasionally stumble into a loss through sheer luck, but rarely will such a player truly earn a loss which they so greatly worked for.

Only a few people ever think about what a loss can offer, with many failing to realize that the reward for winning and losing in Among Us is almost entirely identical. Anyone too focused on seeing a victory screen may be ignoring a good portion of their games, and likewise ignoring a significant amount of value to be gained by playing.

That is not to say that players should simply give up on winning. Anyone who adopts the right mindset will find that losing is simply a part of winning. It is something everyone has to do at least a few times to learn the necessary skills and to achieve a win later on.

Losing to win

When a game starts up and the map loads in, every player will almost immediately begin playing out some strategy to seek a win. However, the player adopts a strategy that does not initially aim to win, but instead hopes to gather information.

For instance, someone playing an imposter in Among Us may find that it is more valuable to kill a player in an awkward situation to see how well that particular crew can use evidence. Alternatively, crewmates who believe they have found out who the imposter is may consider following the imposter to see how they react.

Losing to have fun

Of course, not everyone is going to have some far off distant win as their eventual end goal. Instead, Among Us can sometimes be more fun when players make specific mistakes than when played as carefully as possible. For example, as a crewmate, it can be interesting to see whether or not the other crew can pick up on suspicious activity. Even refusing to give an accurate account can create some interesting games.

Likewise, imposters in Among Us have several opportunities to create a more interesting mistake rather than relying on more calculated play.

How losses fit into Among Us

When considering the distribution of players in Among Us, a full game usually features eight crewmates and two imposters. If the lobby plays with a ruleset that favours an even split players, the crew will win roughly 80% of games. However, most lobbies seem to favour rules which give both teams a roughly fair chance at winning, though not quite 50% given the limitations.

However, even approximating a 50% win rate for both teams means that losses will pop up quite frequently for most players. It can be an enjoyable experience trying to find the most fun losses available, and at the very least ensures that no matter what happens, everyone can enjoy the entirety of Among Us and not simply the games where they win.

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal
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