How to master Sombra in Overwatch 2?

Mastering Sombra in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mastering Sombra in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Sombra is a damage Hero in Overwatch 2 who teleports around the battlefield using hacks and movement abilities while providing support to her team and taking out key targets. Players in Overwatch 2 will need to move quickly around the map, hack enemies, and coordinate eliminations with the team using her abilities.

Sombra may not have the most damage, but she more than compensates with her strong support abilities. Let's go over each of her abilities, as well as some tips and tricks for mastering this Hero.

Mastering Sombra in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2's hacker is armed with a high-powered pistol that has a short, effective range, but can be lethal close-up. Sombra is intended to act as a flanker and disruptor. Typically, one will want to locate a health pack, hack it, and configure the Translocator.


After that, use Stealth to flank the opposing team before hacking and killing someone in the back line, preferably a support hero. When they die or she is near death, use the Translocator to teleport out and heal Sombra with the hacked health pack. Leave the enemy team disoriented and without support at every opportunity.

Using her abilities

Sombra will be everywhere at once during a match. Always place a Translocator behind your team. Activating the recall quickly will teleport you safely away from the enemy, allowing her to get behind them, take out an opponent, and then teleport away. She can also destroy the Translocator manually, which will not put the ability on cooldown.


Sombra's Machine Pistol works best when she is close to the target, so don't be afraid to approach the enemy.

Sombra's Hack ability is the focal point of her arsenal and the key to her victory. Hacking key targets such as Tanks and Healers will make it easier for her or her team to eliminate them, whereas hacking Health Packs near points of retreat will quickly restore an ally's health when a healer isn't available. Learning who and when to hack will make or break the Sombra experience.

Hacked enemies will reveal whether or not their Ultimate is charged, providing the team with critical information to decide whether to push or bait their attacks. Hack can be used from Stealth, but she will be detected, which means the enemy will be able to see her briefly.


EMP, Sombra's Ultimate, deals damage and hacks all enemies within a large radius. She won't be able to land a killing blow with EMP because it only deals damage equal to 40% of the enemy's current health. Instead, EMP is used to prepare the team for larger attacks, such as allowing Genji to use Dragonblade unhindered or Zarya to easily group up the enemy with Graviton Surge in Overwatch 2.

Coordinate the EMP status with the team and only use it if they are nearby and able to capitalize on it. Additionally, EMP and Hacking will deactivate abilities that are currently in use. If used at the right time, hacking enemies in this manner can save the team.

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