Overwatch 2: How to play Support Heroes

How to play Support class Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
How to play Support class Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Support Heroes are crucial in high-time-to-kill (TTK) games like Overwatch 2. It is impossible to fortify and conquer the objective without capable players. The codependency that follows Blizzard’s newest is paramount and this role is highly suited for players that can selflessly play for the final victory.

Overwatch 2 has quickly gained traction as the sequel to the famous Hero-shooter title by Blizzard, Overwatch. The title was released on October 4 and features a lot of elements from the older game. This includes the primary division of the characters based on specific classes.

Overwatch 2 features three classes - Tank, Damage, and Support. The Support class Heroes are the lifeguards and saviors of the team. Their abilities and weapons are carefully crafted in a way that can provide healing spells to teammates, amplify damage, with some also having abilities that make enemies vulnerable.

A guide to play Support class Heroes effectively in Overwatch 2


It’s not easy playing Support class Heroes and takes a significant level of tolerance and mental fortitude.

These characters sees the highest number of deaths in any game mode. It is one thing to provide cover for teammates but an entirely different level to support the whole team while being prone to being targeted by all the opponents.

All Support Heroes


Overwatch 2 currently features a total of eight Support Class Heroes, including Kiriko, a new addition to the category. Here are the names of all of them:

  • Ana
  • Baptiste
  • Brigitte
  • Lúcio
  • Mercy
  • Moira
  • Zenyatta
  • Kiriko



Support players primarily exist to bolster the team’s capability to last longer on the battlefield. These Heroes must constantly keep the entire team healthy and make life harder for enemies. These gamers should primarily position themselves behind the Tank team and provide sustenance to them and the Damage class.

Support Heroes are capable of amplifying outgoing damage from teammates and making enemy players take more incoming damage by casting vulnerable debuff abilities. The survival of a Support member is important for the entire team. The remaining players can only hold ground against a head-on battle with proper backup teammates holding the back line.

Target Heroes


The Support class does not primarily contribute to the team with kills. They are crafted to efficiently heal, anti-heal, and amplify damage on enemies. As a result, they become natural prey for every other enemy player.

Support players should target their healing abilities towards the Tank and damage amplification for Damage Heroes in the team. However, maintaining the balance between healing the team needs more skill than it initially seems.

After spending a respectable amount of time in this role and understanding the nature of the game's objectives, support players can discern between the impact another Hero can make should they receive sizable backup in the form of healing or damage amplification.


The overall playstyle of a Support Hero is pretty basic considering that the team expects unwavering backup in the face of adversity and not a high damage output individually.

Overwatch 2 has suffered quite a lot of bugs and server issues ever since its launch date. Blizzard is addressing the problems and trying to provide permanent fixes. Follow Sportskeeda for more Overwatch 2 Hero guides.

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