How to play Archer Queen in Squad Busters: information, stats, strategies and more

How to play Archer Queen in Squad Busters (Image via SuperCell)
How to play Archer Queen in Squad Busters (Image via SuperCell)

SuperCell has officially released its new mobile strategy game ‘Squad Busters’. Like other SuperCell games, this one focuses on establishing a powerful squad to win fights. Understanding each character, such as Barbarian, Archer Queen, and others, is therefore essential for forming the greatest squads.

This game is simple to understand and involves forming a powerful squad of various characters to combat enemy squads and collect the most gems. The player with the most gems or the last one standing wins the match. To find characters for the squad, players must open in-match chests and choose the character.

In this article, we will understand more about Archer Queen, its stats, and best-attacking strategies.

All you need to know about Archer Queen in Squad Busters

Archer Queen is one of the strongest characters that can be unlocked in the Green World. Similar to her origin in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Archer Queen is an attacking character who deals a good amount of damage to opponents using her X-Bow.

It is an Epic character, which is categorized under the attacker category and can be found in the Green World of the game. The fusion perk of this attacking character is that it helps ranged units to attack faster. Following are the statistics of Archer Queen:

  • Health - 1300
  • Damage - 140
  • Fusion Health - 4550
  • Fusion Damage - 294

Currently, Archer Queen has four abilities, one for all four evolutions. The following are the various abilities:

  • Baby - Helps ranged units attack faster in the game
  • Classic - Occasionally fires exploding arrows at enemy characters
  • Super - Recovers health when not attacking
  • Ultra - Gives an X-Bow spell that throws regular arrows

Archer Queen has multiple emotes available for every evolution. These emotes can be used by players in the game.

Strategies to use Archer Queen

Players must understand that Archer Queen is an attacker character with impressive damaging abilities but low health, so it should be used mostly in attacking strategies. Use her offensively against enemy characters with tank troops, like Barbarians and Nita.

Players should also make the best use of their evolutions in offensive strategies, like bringing more ranged units in their Baby evolution stage. This would increase every character’s attacking abilities. Her exploding arrows ability is also very difficult to counter, so use that instantly against opponent squads to have an initial advantage.


Defensively, Archer Queen should not be used as her health is very low. She may be used along with a tank character who eats the opponent's squad damage. This YouTube video by @Molt, shows various Archer Queen attacking squad combinations and the best ways to use her abilities.

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