How to play Barbarian in Squad Busters: Information, stats, strategies and more

How to play Barbarian in Squad Busters (Image via SuperCell)
How to play Barbarian in Squad Busters (Image via SuperCell)

SuperCell has officially released Squad Busters, their new mobile strategy game. Like other SuperCell games, this one emphasizes forming a strong squad to win fights. Understanding how to play characters like Barbarian, Archer Queen and more therefore helps in forming the best squad.

This online multiplayer is easy to understand and involves forming a strong squad of various characters to fight enemy squads and grab the most number of gems. The player who collects the most number of gems or is the last one standing wins the match. One must open the in-match chests to find characters to form the squad.

In this article, we will understand more about Barbarian, its stats, and its best strategies.

All you need to know about Barbarians in Squad Busters

Barbarians are among the first few characters unlocked in the game. Similar to their origin troop in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Barbarian is a melee character who deals a good amount of damage to opponents and also has decent health.

It is a common character, which is categorized under all-rounder category and can easily be found in the Green World. This melee character's fusion perk is that it instantly becomes an Elite Barbarian, which has more health and deals higher damage. Following are the statistics of Barbarian in the game:

  • Health: 1400
  • Damage: 140
  • Fusion Health: 4900
  • Fusion Damage: 280

Currently, Barbarians have four abilities, one for all four evolutions:

  • Baby: Melee fighter with basic health and damage
  • Classic: Becomes Elite Barbarian after fighting a lot of enemy characters
  • Super: Becomes Elite Barbarian immediately after another Barbarian joins the squad
  • Ultra: Becomes Enraged Barbarian after killing an enemy character

Apart from the default skin available to all players, Barbarians have three skins: Cyberpunk, Sunburn, and Demon. There are also multiple emotes available for every evolution of Barbarian. These emotes can be used by players in the game.

Strategies for Barbarian

Players must understand that Barbarian is an all-rounder character with good health and damage, so it should be used both in defensive and offensive strategies.

Barbarians should be used offensively against low-health enemy characters, who will find it difficult to sustain against them. Additionally, remember to take advantage of its evolutions in offensive strategies. For instance, adding another Barbarian to the squad would allow Super Barbarian to immediately turn into Elite Barbarian. They would then deal damage to opponent squads.

Defensively, Barbarian should be used as a tank protecting low-health attacking characters like Archer Queen, Bo, Bea, Colt, and more. When placed in front of others, they can not only damage opponent squads but also let friendly characters perform their attacks by taking all the damage.

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