Squad Busters Global update: Shop offers, Ultra Evolutions, and more

Details regarding the Squad Busters Global update (Image via Supercell)

The Squad Busters Global update will be released shortly alongside the global version of the game on May 29, 2024. It will introduce several new features to the existing beta version, which was launched on April 23 in eight countries. These features range from shop updates to Ultra Evolutions, and several balance changes to existing characters.

This article highlights all the details regarding the Squad Busters Global update you can expect upon release.

Shop offers in Squad Busters Global update

Chest Doubler (Image via Supercell)
Chest Doubler (Image via Supercell)

The in-game shop will see significant enhancements. Players will be able to claim Chest Doublers, which doubles the contents of battle reward chests for a limited period. The duration of these doublers will be disclosed in the upcoming update.

Additionally, an Epic statue will be available once pre-registrations for the global release hit 40 million. This statue can be built anywhere in the player's base using the inventory.

Ultra Evolutions for various characters

Goblin Ultra Evolution form (Image via Supercell)
Goblin Ultra Evolution form (Image via Supercell)

The 27 characters within the game will have their own Ultra Evolution form which will provide them with enhanced utility. Some of these improvements are given below:

  • Barbarian: Becomes enraged after defeating a foe.
  • Goblin: Provides 10 coins upon spawning from a chest.
  • Greg: Heals the squad by chopping trees and collecting hearts.
  • Colt: His Bullet Storm attack charges when attacking from a distance, dealing heavy damage.
  • El Primo: Heals significantly after performing the Flying Elbow Drop.
  • Chicken: Spawns hatchlings faster with the Turbo Boost attack.
  • Medic: Throws heal packs at a faster rate.
  • Dynamike: Tosses more powerful dynamites, increasing damage per second to 120.
  • Witch: Grants spawned Skeletons more health and damage with stronger bones and sharper daggers.

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Plaza introduction in the Squad Busters Global update

Various statues (Image via Supercell)
Various statues (Image via Supercell)

The Plaza is a new feature where players can buy decorations and statues using hammers, which are obtained through battle rewards or shop purchases. Decorations range from Common to Epic, including items like the SB Flag Pole, Swirly Clock, and Wood Totem.

Statues, on the other hand, resemble various in-game monsters, such as Topiary Spike, Mighty Golem, and Mighty Kaiju that players encounter during their gaming journey.

Balance changes in Squad Busters Global update

Chicken Baby form stat change (Image via Supercell)
Chicken Baby form stat change (Image via Supercell)

Several characters will receive balance tweaks in this update:

  • Chicken: Provides two Turbo Boots in its Baby form instead of one.
  • Greg: Chops trees faster in its Baby form.
  • Goblin: Now gives five coins in Baby form.
  • Trader: In Baby form, provides two gems for every 15 coins collected.
  • Mavis: Can collect gems from picking carrots in her Baby form.

Health adjustments are also part of the Squad Busters Global update:

  • Goblin, Chicken, Archer Queen, Witch, Shelly, Nita, and Max: Gain an extra 100 health.
  • Bo, Colt, and the Wizard: Gain an extra 150 health.
  • Medic, Dynamike, Pam, Penny, and Tank: Gain an extra 200 health.
  • MEGA unit Dragon Chicken: Gains an extra 500 health.

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MEGA Units and battle mods adjustments

Dragon Chicken MEGA unit (Image via Supercell)
Dragon Chicken MEGA unit (Image via Supercell)

MEGA units will appear less randomly and more strategically, particularly for players with smaller squads. Key changes include:

  • MEGA units will appear more often for squads in low positions or close to being busted.
  • Fewer MEGA units will be offered during matches, appearing only after two minutes.
  • MEGA units will be limited to one per squad and will not appear if a squad already has one.
  • The MEGA bank, previously only at the end of the Gem Pass, will be available to everyone starting in the next season.

Battle mods will also see changes:

  • In the Tree Giants battle mod, Log Spells will be dropped during matches.
  • Royal Haunt will feature more loot for ghost hunters.
  • Epic Overload will be moved to the Royal World category.
  • Super Gem Mine will be moved to the Desert World category.
  • Monsters Pets will feature more coins later in matches.

Additional improvements in the Squad Busters Global update

Referral tab (Image via Supercell)
Referral tab (Image via Supercell)

The Squad Busters Global update also introduces new social and shop features:

  • Players can invite friends to play Squad Busters, earning rewards when the friend reaches Desert World. Up to three referral rewards can be earned.
  • Daily shop deals can now be refreshed for coins, with costs increasing progressively and capping at 15,000 coins.

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