How to play on Busan map in Overwatch 2?

Busan map in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Busan map in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Busan is a Control map in Overwatch 2 that leads players to three locations in South Korea’s second-largest city. Each team will experience frenetic Control matches across the map's MEKA Base, Sanctuary, and Downtown sections, which combine traditional and futuristic Korean esthetics. Busan is one of the most detailed Overwatch maps yet, with playable arcade machines and drums.


It's also by far the most complex map, with a large number of flank routes and new environmental mechanics to exploit. If you want to master the new map and take on others who already have it, here are some essential strategies and key counters to the already emerging meta-maneuvers.

General Tips for Busan in Overwatch 2


Downtown in Overwatch 2 is filled with tall buildings with flat rooftops that sniper Heroes like Widowmaker and Ashe can scale thanks to their mobility. Make the most of these vantage points by sniping enemies inside the control point and along the map's narrow streets.


Sanctuary in Overwatch 2 is a fairly flat map with plenty of natural cover and long sightlines to the control point, making it ideal for sniping and flanking. To make the most of Sanctuary's unique terrain, try combining Heroes like Widowmaker and Soldier: 76.


The control point of MEKA Base in Overwatch 2 has three barriers that rise and lower on a timer, providing and removing cover around the area. Use this unique map feature to your advantage by poking at enemy teams from afar while the walls are lowered and force close-range engagements when the walls are raised.

Effective Hero composition for Busan


Genji uses Cyber-Agility and Swift Strike to quickly maneuver around Busan, allowing him to quickly eliminate key enemy targets from multiple angles. His Deflect is also an excellent tool for crossing sniper sightlines and safely returning enemy fire. While participating in team fights around the control point, Dragonblade and Swift Strike reset allow him to quickly slay multiple enemies.


Reinhardt uses Barrier Field to protect his team along Busan's sightlines and tight corridors while also dealing heavy damage up close with Rocket Hammer. Reinhardt can also land Fire Strikes and Lethal Charges more frequently due to the map's narrow choke points. Earthshatter can disrupt entire enemy teams and set them up for other abilities when fighting around control points.


Ana uses Biotic Rifle to support her team from afar in Sanctuary and Downtown, taking advantage of Busan's ample cover and long sight lines in Overwatch 2. Her Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade are also useful for incapacitating key enemy targets and dealing with huddled groups of enemies. Nano Boost also works well with Genji and Sojourn, increasing their damage output and survivability.


With Speed Boost and Amp It Up, Lucio improves his team's mobility, allowing them to secure Busan's control points ahead of the enemy team. His Soundwave also excels at disrupting enemy positioning, pushing back advancing enemies, and identifying critical targets. While fighting in a team, his Healing Boost and Sound Barrier provide powerful area-based healing and survivability.


Sojourn's Railgun is effective against both close-range and long-range snipers, especially when enhanced by Overclock. Her high jump on Power Slide also allows her to reach Busan's numerous vantage points and flanking routes. Sojourn's Disruptor Shot provides her with heavy area-based damage that also snares foes, allowing her to control space and deal with foes inside the control point.

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