How to play Capture The Flag in Halo Infinite

Capture the Flag is one of the most fun modes to do in Halo Infinite (Image via International Business Times AU)
Capture the Flag is one of the most fun modes to do in Halo Infinite (Image via International Business Times AU)

Halo Infinite has had its shares of highs and lows, but with the response of 343 Industries and the start of the HCS Kickoff Major, players have reason to be excited once again.

Halo Infinite has had no shortage of controversies since its release and the majority of it involves issues both within and outside the gameplay. There have been major bugs disrupting the progression and enjoyment of players. 343 Industries have also conducted some shady practices that have lowered some of the goodwill in the Halo Infinite community.

But the core gameplay of Halo Infinite remains fun and Capture the Flag (CTF) is one of the most fun game modes in the game.

Capture the Flag requires good communication and tactical expertise to excel in this mode. Players should avoid random run-and-gun practices.

Grab the flag, carry the flag: Excelling at Capture the Flag in Halo Infinite

Carry the Flag is available in four variations in Halo Infinite and is available across different playlists. It varies from the more traditional gameplay, which one can get in the Slayer game mode. With a dedicated playlist, all Halo Infinite players need to do is to choose the Carry the Flag mode to play it.

Main objectives


The main purpose of the mode is to steal the flag and carry it to the player's base. Doing so earns the player's team points and the team with the highest points wins the match. Killing the opponents is not the primary objective, but it's essential. Otherwise, the flag can neither be stolen nor can it be carried safely to one's base.

Balancing between offense and defense

in Capture the Flag, Halo Infinite players are involved in offense (stealing the flag) and defense (preventing it from being stolen). In case someone's flag has been stolen, the team and its members will need to stand by the flag to help it return to its original base.


However, if the stealing team reaches the flag, the timer will be reset irrespective of the time.

Tips and tricks to win

Great team communication is a staple of all modes of Halo Infinite and more so for Capture the Flag. Players should remember that the flag carrier is severely weaker in Halo Infinite, but they can drop the flag, fight and pick it up once again.

Sprinting may seem like a good option, but it will inform the carrier's position to all enemies. Usage of Vehicles is recommended to carry the flag back to base significantly easier.

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