How to play and master Ramattra in Overwatch 2

Ramattra is the First Tempo Tank in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard Entertainment)
Ramattra is the First Tempo Tank in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard Entertainment)

Ramattra is the latest Tank Hero in Overwatch 2. He is now accessible to unlock and play in Quick Play and Arcade matches. However, he will not be usable in ranked Competitive matches since the game mechanics will not enable him to be selected until two weeks after the season begins.

Before playing the Hero, players must become acquainted with his new kit and abilities. The abilities are rather complicated, and users should know what he is capable of.

Ramattra was created as a war machine and later became the Leader of the Omnic extremist organization Null Sector. He always wanted to create a better future and world for the Omnics.

Ramattra's Abilities in Overwatch 2


Ramattra is a hero with two personalities in Overwatch 2 Season 2. His Omnic Form allows him to defend his comrades with a staff. In contrast, his Nemesis Form transforms him into a larger and more dangerous menace, offensively marching down on the opposition team.

His abilities are discussed below:

  • Void Acceleration - Fires a stream of projectiles in a predetermined manner in his Omnic Form.
  • Void Barrier (Omnic Form) - Make a barrier at the desired area and has 1000 HP.
  • Nemesis Form - Transform into Nemesis Form to change the attacks and earn an additional armor boost.
  • Pummel (Nemesis Form) - With each swing, punch forward, generating a surge of energy.
  • Block (Nemesis Form) - Lowers movement speed and significantly reduces damage absorbed from the front.
  • Ravenous Vortex - Fire a nano ball that bursts when it reaches the ground, causing a destructive field to spread. Affected foes are delayed and pulled downward as well.
  • Annihilation (Ultimate Ability) - Enter Nemesis Form and form an energy swarm around yourself. This swarm will lash out at surrounding foes, delivering damage and halting the duration when damage is done.

Ramattra has 450 initial health and receives 150 temporary armor health when transforming into Nemesis Form.

Play style and mastering Ramattra in Overwatch 2


Ramattra is a rather tricky hero in Overwatch 2 since his intricate kit may perplex many players. He is the first "Tempo Tank" in the game. With the game's tempo, he can shift from aggressive to defensive or vice versa in a single click.

Players must know when to transition into their Nemesis Form to employ their skills effectively on the battlefield. His Nemesis form allows him to be an offensive close-range threat, but opponents can counter his aggression if not utilized properly.

Ramattra's Omnic form allows him to use his Void Accelerator Ability to deliver moderate damage from a distance, with no damage fall off, allowing him to attack adversaries from afar. By keeping his distance, he may deploy his protective barrier, Void Barrier, at any chosen location, shielding his companions. The only drawback is that it has a long cooldown.

With his Ravenous Vortex Ability, he can throw a ball, and when it strikes the ground, it bursts, doing modest damage and slowing foes in its radius. At the same time, he may transform into his Nemesis Form with increased armor and strike the opponent's side while his Pummel Ability blasts forth waves of energy that significantly damage the opponent.

Ramattra's ultimate Annihilation quickly transforms him into Nemesis Form and generates a circle of energy that emits around him. The ultimate, most critically, continue to work as long as it deals damage. Players should use his Block Ability since he draws the attention of all adversaries and can only generate results in close-range encounters.

Mastering this Hero in Overwatch 2 will take time and practice since Ramattra's Abilities will be useless to the team without precise timing. However, he will be one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome once mastered.


Overwatch 2 recently dropped its second season. Season 2 offers several new modifications, including multiple hero adjustments, a new map - Shambali Monestry, and the introduction of the new Hero - Ramattra.