How to quickly increase overall of FIFA Mobile players

Quickly increase OVR In FIFA Mobile
Quickly increase OVR In FIFA Mobile (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA Mobile delivers an immersive experience that brings the excitement of football to your fingertips. By assembling a superb football squad, you can battle with your opponents for the top spot on the leaderboard rankings. As a dedicated player, you will understand the importance of creating a team that is incredibly agile, skilled, and versatile.

OVR is an overall attribute assigned to every football player in FIFA Mobile. It is a crucial aspect in specifying the impact of a team in a match. The higher the OVR, the more skilled and capable the players' cards are deemed to be.

This article discusses quick ways to increase the overall of football players in FIFA Mobile.

Using training and skill boosts to effectively increase the overall of football players in FIFA Mobile


FIFA Mobile publisher EA Sports has included a function in the game's "Team" section to coach your players and raise their OVR. To train your squad, you must have extra cards and coins to devour non-starting members of your team. Additionally, football players that play the same position are more likely to consume the other cards on your squad.

The Skill Boost option also assists you in adding more ratings to the OVR of football players. You can enhance the player's dribbling, shooting, agility, and other skills by using this tool.

These skill boosters are equipped with a specific card to obtain some extra ratings in their OVR. However, if a card is placed in the incorrect position, the maximum skill increase a player can receive is dramatically lowered. To avoid this, put the cards in the right position.

Active market monitoring and player investments will boost the OVR of the squad


FIFA Mobile offers a feature called "Market," where you can buy and sell football cards in the transfer market. This is an excellent way to earn some extra coins by selling obsolete and useless football cards from your "My Players" section. The transfer market also aids in the sale of fewer attribute cards and the acquisition of new high OVR players in the game.

If you want to invest in FIFA Mobile, you might consider purchasing a Star Pass or a multipass. If you buy this pass, EA Sports will reward you with higher OVR players, skill boosts, coins, and transferable training items. This is the most effective method to increase the OVR of your football players in the game.

Use the transfer training feature to increase the OVR of players in FIFA Mobile


The "Transfer Training Level" feature allows you to improve your football cards without spending any coins. Assume you've trained a card to Level 20, but you'd like to get rid of it and find a suitable replacement. Instead of training your substitute football card from scratch, which will cost you a lot of coins, you can transfer training experience from one football card to another.

Your new player will be Level 20 after transferring training experience from the card. This is a good method for increasing the OVR of your football players.

In short, finishing skill games, live events, and Division Rivals match should be prioritized to quickly improve football players' overall rating. Create a strong squad by recruiting high-rated players from the market and investing in their training and development. Complete SBCs for substantial rewards. Stay active and engaged in the game to help your squad grow.

Keep in mind that it takes time and work to develop and upgrade your football cards into an ideal team. You can improve your team's overall strength and compete at a better level in FIFA Mobile if you use these tactics correctly.