How to reach Grandmaster tier in Free Fire

How to reach Grandmaster in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)
How to reach Grandmaster in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)
Modified 25 Apr 2021

Free Fire features two game modes, each with a distinctive ranking system that keeps the game competitive. Players are placed into numerous tiers based on their caliber, but most of them aim to reach the highest rank – Grandmaster.

Users need to grind a lot to reach the top-most tier, and it involves a considerable amount of practice to hone the skills. With that being said, here are some tips to reach the Grandmaster rank in Garena Free Fire.

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How to reach Grandmaster in Free Fire

Unlike various other ranks in the game, players cannot achieve the Grandmaster rank by securing a given number of points. Only the top 300 players from the server will be placed in this tier.

Leaderboard of the Ranked Mode
Leaderboard of the Ranked Mode

The difficulty can be assessed because currently, the top 100 of the Indian region have over 13000 Rank Points.

Starting the push in the early stages of the Ranked Season

If the players desire to reach the highest rank, the foremost thing to keep in mind is the timing of the rank push. The ideal time to begin the journey to the top is somewhat at the beginning of the season.

Since only a limited number of players can do so, starting early in the season could provide users with a much-needed advantage. They will be facing comparatively less competition, making it easier for them to hit the leaderboards and hit their milestone.

If users start their grind up the tiers in the later stages of the season, it becomes pretty impossible to reach Grandmaster as they would require around 11000-12000 Rank Points.

Rank Season 21 will commence in the coming weeks, and then the players can consider beginning their climb up the rank ladder.

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Teamwork and sticking to a single-mode

Players must stick to a single type of match - solo, duo, or squad. Also, there is no substitute for teamwork in the duo and squad matches. Playing with the same teammates further enhances coordination and communication, making it slightly easier to push the ranks.

Users must avoid queuing randoms since they may or may not have the objective of pushing, and therefore there is a chance of losing rating points.

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Choice of characters

Characters in Free Fire
Characters in Free Fire

Characters are an influential aspect that can determine the result of a Battle Royale match. The unique skills that they possess can help the players immensely. Presently, there are over 35 characters in the game after the recent OB27 update.

Having the apt characters based on the users' playing style can help them emerge victorious; simultaneously, gaining a higher amount of Rank Points.

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Published 25 Apr 2021
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