How to smash flower stalls in Forza Horizon 5

Sometimes, you have to destroy something beautiful (Image via Playground Games)
Sometimes, you have to destroy something beautiful (Image via Playground Games)
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Forza Horizon 5 manages to find a tremendous amount of activities for players to complete. These activities revolve around driving cars very fast, from racing to sightseeing. One of the game's favorite tasks to offer to its players is ramming vehicles through a variety of stationary objects for fun and profit.

Flower stalls are carts meant to sell beautiful bouquets, but since they sit unmanned, they have been turned into targets for destructive drivers. However, smashing these carts isn't its own reward. There are plenty of challenges and benefits associated with destroying these vendors.

Smashing Flower Stalls in Forza Horizon 5

If you were a car enthusiast some decades ago, chances are you had a poster of this very car. The 1992 @Ferrari 512 TR is a universal icon of Italian power, and you can absorb the sonorous tones of its 421 horses for 20 PTS on the latest Festival Playlist.

Smashing flower stalls isn't the difficult part of this challenge, after all, they weren't built to withstand sports cars. The hard part is typically finding them. However, there are a few key places that players can check out.

Flower stalls are typically located in large and heavily populated areas on the map, like Guanajuato or Mulege. The big cities are the perfect place to look for these flower stalls.

Once a player finds a flower stall, smashing it is as simple as driving directly into it. Just aim the front bumper at the stall and floor the accelerator, hit the target, and it will explode into splinters and petals.

This challenge is basically identical to the other smashing challenges in Forza Horizon 5, including taco carts and market stalls. Players only need to find their target and run it down, making it fairly easy.

Flower Stall Challenges in Forza Horizon 5

Today marks the start of Winter (Dry Season) in Forza Horizon 5 (Series 7) and there are more events to get your teeth into, plus more cars to be won!(Thread)

From May 12 to May 18, 2022, Forza Horizon 5 players will be participating in the Series 7 Festival playlist's Winter Season. This includes a variety of daily and weekly challenges that must be completed to complete the season.

One of the daily challenges requires smashing 15 flower stalls, which will payout 1 Playlist Point and 10 Forzathon Points. Simply driving through a couple of major cities and taking down every stall should help players complete this challenge quickly.

The flower stall challenge is joined by six other daily tasks for players to complete the roster and advance the playlist. Other activities include smashing billboards, earning stars from Drift stunts, and reaching 140 mph in Dirt Racing Events.

Though the flower stall challenge only rewards the players with one playlist point, every single point counts. The season features a couple of cars that can be purchased with this resource.

Players can buy the 1992 Ferrari 512 Testa Rossa for 20 playlist points. This car can't be acquired anywhere else and is of Epic rarity, making it a fantastic find for players.

Players can also buy the 2015 MG MG3 for 40 playlist points. This car can be acquired in a few other places and is only of Rare rarity. However, it is still rare and expensive.

Forza Horizon 5 features countless small challenges that can contribute to larger rewards down the line. Smashing flower stalls is easy and fun, plus it can add to an important in-game currency.

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