How to solve Remnant 2 clock puzzle

What time is it? (Credits: Gunfire Games)
What time is it? (Image via Gunfire Games)

Remnant 2 is just days from its official release, and fans who pre-ordered the title are now enjoying this soulslike sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes. Aside from battling unspeakable evils, you also have to solve puzzles to progress in this game. For instance, there's one that requires you to be mindful of the things around you, especially what time a clock is telling you.

This tutorial will show you how to figure out this time-related puzzle and eventually solve it.

Remnant 2 clock puzzle

How to solve it

The Clocktower (Image via Gunfire Games)
The Clocktower (Image via Gunfire Games)

This clock puzzle in Remnant 2 is situated in Losomn, the merger between the worlds Dran and Fae. You’ll come across a massive clock tower in that location and soon realize it is missing a gear. Now, your objective is to find that missing piece within this area in the soulslike title.

Head on over to the clockmaker’s house in the Lemark District. You’ll encounter a few enemies on your way there, so be prepared. Once inside the clockmaker's home, you’ll notice a clock hanging on the wall at the far end. You have to interact with it and set the correct time. The way to do this is by checking the clock tower.

Leave the house and look up at it, as shown in the image above, to get the current time. This part of Remnant 2 is a bit tricky since you need to have a nice angle to the structure to properly see what time it is. After you have checked the tower, head back to the clockmaker’s house. Now, set the time of the cuckoo clock that corresponds to what you saw on the tower.

This will unlock the hanging clock and grant you the gear. You can now head back to the tower, make your way to its top and place the previously missing item. This will get the tower to work properly.

Clock puzzle reward

Unlock the clock (Image via Gunfire Games)
Unlock the clock (Image via Gunfire Games)

After getting it to work, you will be rewarded with a Broken Timepiece. This Crafting Material will be used to make the Time Lapse Weapon Mod.

This has a Mod Power Requirement of 1,000 and creates a six-meter blast radius that freezes regular enemies for seven seconds. Bosses are not affected by it, though.

Additionally, whenever you damage frozen enemies with it, the weapon will instantly turn off the aforementioned effect. However, Slow will still affect those foes.

Remnant 2 is slated for a July 25 release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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