How to Make a Bed in Terraria

If you have built your home further away from spawn and would like to teleport home every time instead of the world spawn you will need to make a bed. There are dozens of different beds you can make. They are functionally identical, but have different aesthetics to play around with. For this guide, I will show you how to make the basic bed.

Required Materials

- 5 Silk

- 15 Wood

- Loom (to craft the silk)

- Sawmill (to craft the bed)

To make silk you will need to find cobwebs. You can find cobwebs just about anywhere underground. It is possible you grab a lot by accident. Each piece of silk will require seven cobwebs to craft.

To make the bed itself you will need fifteen pieces of wood. Wood can be commonly found at the surface. If you are running low on trees make sure to plant acorns, or you can make a new world and take your player character across worlds to make getting a lot of wood simpler.

A loom is needed to make the cobwebs into silk. The recipe to make a loom is twelve pieces of wood at a sawmill.

How to make a Bed in Terraria

First, track down some cobwebs. Cobwebs can be found anywhere underground and will infinitely spawn in spider biomes. Track down some cobwebs and swing away at them with a sword or pickaxe to gather them

Terraria Cobweb

Gather at least thirty five cobwebs and head back to your crafting stations. Stand next to your loom and scroll down into your crafting menu until you find silk.

Finding silk in terraria

Craft five silk and stand next to a sawmill. With fifteen wood and five silk, you can craft a bed!

Crafting five silk and standing next to a sawmill

Beds will not work if you do not have walls placed behind your rooms. You can craft dozens of different walls so experiment around and see what you like best. Cover your room with walls and click your housing button above your equipment to see if you are missing any spots. You will also need a light source so place a torch on the floor or on the walls to ensure you cover this step.

Terraria room

Click on the housing query icon denoted by a “?” and click on the room you are standing in. As long as the game does not tell you “This room is missing a wall” your bed will now function. The housing query may tell you that “This room is missing a table and chair” but this is necessary to have NPCs move in not to have a room for a bed.

If you hover over the foot of your bed you will see a bed icon which can be used to set or remove your spawn point.

Terraria room

If you hover over the head of your bed your cursor will turn into three “z”s. Right clicking will place your character in bed and their eyes will slowly close. This will make the passage of time go faster and you can skip to night or day respectively.

How to make a Loom in Terraria

To make a loom you will need a sawmill. The recipe for a sawmill requires you to have ten wood, two iron bars, and a chain. To craft iron bars, you need a furnace to smelt ore into bars; to craft chains you will need an anvil; and you can chop any tree for the wood you need.

Simply stand next to your sawmill with twelve wood and you can make a loom. The loom is a crafting station that allows you to work with silk and cobwebs. It is a relatively niche crafting station and I often use it more as furniture rather than the crafting station. Especially after I have made my bed.

Terraria room

The loom is 3x2 in tiles and as long as there is nothing else in the way you can simply place the loom and stand next to it to use it.

How to use a Bed as a Spawn Point

Beds can be used to set your spawn point. This spawn point will also be where you are sent if you drink a recall potion or use a magic mirror. Just right click on the foot of the bed and ensure that the bed is in a room with walls and you should get a message saying “Spawn point set!”

Terraria room




Can you sleep through a Blood Moon in Terraria?

You can sleep in a bed to make time go by faster. However, during events like a blood moon you are not able to get into bed to sleep. The blood moon cannot be skipped by sleeping but if you have an enchanted sundial you can skip the night to go to day.

How do you sleep in a bed in Terraria?

Beds have two halves, the half with the pillow is how you can sleep in a bed. Just right click on the bed when your cursor turns into three “z”s denoting sleeping. If you see a bed icon in your cursor this will set the spawn.

How to fix my spawn point in Terraria?

Before you can set your spawn point with a bed you will need to ensure it is placed in a valid room. Use the housing query button on the right side of your inventory (first the house icon above your equipment then the question mark icon) to check if your room is valid. There needs to be a space above your bed that allows you to stand on the bed for it to be a valid spawn point as well. If you want to remove the bed as a spawn point and have your spawn point go back to the original world spawn just right click the bed again. There should be an in-game message that says “Spawn point set!” or “Spawn point removed!”

Can you skip the night in Terraria?

You can sleep in a bed to skip time five times faster than regular. Sleeping makes each in-game hour take twelve seconds. To skip the night even faster you will need an enchanted sundial. An enchanted sundial will skip to the beginning of the next day, but you can only use it once per in-game week. You can get an enchanted sundial from fishing crates.


Congratulations! A bed is an important piece of furniture as you can move your spawn point to your home and not only have it as a respawn point, but as a point to teleport to. Beds are a pre-hardmode recipe which means you can make one very early. Making a bed early is a good call as it has so many advantages. You can skip through nights faster, and keep your spawn inside where it is safer.

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