"How to be a Twitch Streamer": JustaMinx takes sly dig at Twitch for hypocrisy 

Image via JustaMinx, YouTube
Image via JustaMinx, YouTube
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Twitch streamer Becca “JustaMinx” was seen taking sly digs at Twitch, days after serving a seven-day ban on the platform. The clip from her stream has now gone viral.

JustaMinx was banned for using "hateful slurs" on December 18th for seven days. She has, by her own admission, used the words “simp,” “incel,” and “virgin” in a recent stream.

Twitch had announced that it is changing its TOS and will take action against streamers who use the three words during live streams. However, it was also mentioned that the change in question would be effective from January 22nd, 2021.

In a recent stream, she explained how a female streamer on Twitch could get into the platform's good books.


JustaMinx explains how to be a good female streamer on Twitch in a hilarious clip

JustaMinx’s Twitch ban led to a lot of criticism for the platform. Most fans took to Twitter to show support for the streamer.

A day after her ban, JustaMinx took to Twitter to explain her problem with the overall situation. As mentioned earlier, her main contention was that Twitch took action before January 22nd, 2021.

According to an official Twitch official statement, only repeated use of the term was supposed to be actionable. Her seven-day ban made little sense in such a situation.

JustaMinx also explained how another female Twitch streamer was only banned for three days despite vulgar behavior during a live stream.

The streamer in question was “MissBehavin,” banned for three days after accidentally streaming a video intended for OnlyFans on Twitch.

In comparison, JustaMinx’s ban for the use of the three slurs seemed a lesser offense.

JustaMinx then took a sly dig at Twitch by suggesting how a female streamer could be in the platform’s support team's good books. The streamer insinuated that Twitch would love female streamers if more of them behaved like MissBehavin on their live stream.


Twitch's move to cut down on these slurs will be debated heavily till it becomes official. The lack of warnings and a redressal system seem a little unclear.

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