How to unlock Illari in Overwatch 2

Illari in Overwatch 2
Illari in Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

With the arrival of Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion, a new Support Hero has been added to its magnificent roster. After Kiriko's release back in Season 1, Illari becomes the newest Hero to join the Support squad. The game is undoubtedly going to see a tremendous shift in the meta. With the release of a new hero and numerous balance changes, Season 6 promises to bring forth a fresh experience for the OW2 community.

This guide will provide you with all the necessary details to unlock her and discuss in depth the potential of her abilities.

How to unlock Illari in Overwatch 2 - Abilities, class, and more explained


Overwatch 2's newly introduced Support hero, Illari, brings a lot to the table with her versatile kit. Wielding a solar-powered railgun, she has the potential to deal incredible damage with her weapon and also has the ability to provide ample healing.

With strict cooldown management, Illari's abilities allow her to be a very strong off-Support in OW2, allowing in aiding her team by dealing damage while simultaneously healing significantly.

How to unlock Illari

Being newly launched, Illari is not merely available for grabs upon completion of challenges. To unlock her in Season 6 of Overwatch 2, you can choose to either grind their way through the free tier of the Battle Pass till Level 45 or, purchase the Battle Pass for 1000 Overwatch Coins ($10 or equivalent local currency) and instantaneously unlock Illari in your Legend roster.

Illari's Abilities


Illari's abilities are influenced quite significantly by solar energy. Being a vessel for the sun, she exudes light and harnesses the power of the sun. Here is a list of her abilities with a brief description of their functions:

  • Solar Rifle (Primary Fire): Illari bears a long-range auto-charging rifle, which can be charged up to shoot high-damage dealing beams.
  • Solar Rifle (Secondary Fire): Her rifle allows her to dissipate a medium-range healing beam that consumes solar energy.
  • Outburst (Ability 1): Launches Illari in the direction you are moving, knocking back enemies. Holding jump allows you to go higher, carrying the player's momentum.
  • Healing Pylon (Ability 2): Illari deploys a pylon that heals nearby allies. The pylon can be attached to walls or ceilings.
  • Captive Sun (Ultimate): Illari fires an explosive ball of solar energy and any enemies who get hit are slowed and explode after taking significant damage.

Hero class

Illari has been introduced as part of the Support class from Overwatch 2's incredibly Hero roster. Her powerful kit demands you to play her aggressively, while simultaneously ensuring that your team receives ample support and healing from her.

You will definitely have to find your suitable playstyles with this Hero. However, judging from her kit, Illari will thrive as an off-Support in the current meta of OW2. With the right Hero pairings, she will be an incredible pick to demolish enemy teams with.

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