How to unlock item crafting in Elden Ring

FromSoftware's latest entry dropped on February 25th (Image via FromSoftware)
FromSoftware's latest entry dropped on February 25th (Image via FromSoftware)

After FromSoftware's careful drip-feed of information in the last few weeks, Elden Ring, the most highly anticipated gaming title of the season, is finally here. The sheer magnitude and scale of the full game have overwhelmed and excited players across the world.

This open-world action RPG has one element that is extremely common in triple-A games of the modern era - a crafting system.

Unlocking item crafting in Elden Ring

To start crafting in Elden Ring, all players need to do is buy the Crafting Kit from a merchant named Kale for 500 Runes. Kale is located in the Church of Elleh in Limgrave. She is decked out in red.

Once the player has a Crafting Kit on hand, they can hit the pause menu at any time to put some pieces together. They can open the menu, select the item crafting tab, and pick from the available recipes.

Players will start with a few recipes, but there are countless others to find throughout the game world. Recipes come in Cookbooks, which are found in dungeons or dropped by minibosses. These books are also available for purchase from some vendors.

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What can be crafted in Elden Ring?

There are over 20 known recipes available in Elden Ring so far, but more are sure to appear. Basically, any item Dark Souls players recall from the other games can be hand-made in the new crafting system.

Crafting will be the primary way players can get the items they need to survive this challenging game. The ability to put together healing items, buffs, and even weapons on the fly drastically changes the game.

At the start, players can craft Rowa Raisins, a basic consumable that heals a little damage. Players can also do a little damage to enemies and face them at range with a Bone Knife or a Fire Pot. The Bone Knife is a projectile that does slight damage when thrown at enemies. The Fire Pot is like a medieval incendiary grenade that hits the ground and burns enemies for a few seconds.

The recipes also include a strange item called a Rainbow Stone. With all the extra verticality and free-roaming options in the game, this item serves a fun purpose. If a player drops a Rainbow Stone over a cliff, the sound it emits will let them know how deadly the resulting fall would be. The sound becomes higher-pitched as the drop reaches lethal velocity.

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Through the new crafting system, Elden Ring allows players to make their own tools and survive on their own merits.

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