How to unlock Overwatch 2 Echo: Abilities, class, and more explained

How to unlock Overwatch 2 Echo (image via Sportskeeda)
How to unlock Overwatch 2 Echo (image via Sportskeeda)

Overwatch 2 Echo is a Damage Class Hero with extremely potent abilities. She is a unique figure with futuristic and android-like characteristics incorporated into her design. Furthermore, Echo, like many others, is an Overwatch original that was carried over to the new title.

She is an evolutionary robot programmed with advanced artificial intelligence that can quickly adapt to multiple situations. Echo is a versatile hero capable of going airborne as well. Coupled with that, she has received some balance changes while migrating to the new title.

Here is how to unlock her, along with a brief explanation of her abilities.

How to unlock Overwatch 2 Echo?


Echo is one of the highest-tier long-range damage class heroes that players can unlock in Overwatch 2. She can shoot high-damage energy pellets in bursts of three and deploy sticky explosives. Additionally, she has the means to evade enemy fire when in a pinch.

Beginners must win a total of 150 games to unlock Echo. However, you can get lucky and unlock her with 75 games since the game offers double XP for winning matches. The hero is locked in as part of the Battle Pass. Those holding the pass can unlock Echo faster as it is a reward for completing certain challenges.

Echo’s abilities in Overwatch 2


As compensation for her impeccable offensive abilities, Echo is a truly fragile hero. That said, she is capable of fulfilling multiple roles in a team composition if played correctly. Here is a list of Echo’s abilities with a brief description.

  • Tri-shot (Primary fire): Overwatch 2 Echo is capable of firing three shots in a triangle pattern at once. Her bullets travel straight and not in a projectile trajectory.
  • Sticky Bomb (Secondary fire): Echo can shoot a volley of sticky explosives that explode after a short delay. These explosives can stick to different surfaces and enemy heroes alike.
  • Flight (L-Shift): Echo can use this ability to quickly fly forward a few steps and then fly freely for a limited duration. This is a very important evasive ability that can be used to take high-ground positions as well.
  • Focusing Beam (E): Echo can inflict critical damage to enemies below half their Health Points with this ability. It is a channeled ability that has a short duration but allows players to move freely.
  • Duplicate (Ultimate): Overwatch 2 Echo can copy and become a targeted enemy hero, capable of using their abilities as well. The targeted enemy is unable to change their hero during the active state of this ability.
  • Glide (Passive): Echo can freely glide while falling from high ground. Press and hold the Jump keybind to activate this passive ability.

How to play Echo in Overwatch 2


Echo is an innately high Damage Per Second (DPS) hero. Her presence in the team itself can boost the chances of winning. She is capable of crippling the enemy team to the point where they are forced to tactically retreat. From thereon, the team only needs to follow up and secure the kills that Echo players cannot finish off themselves.

She is a ranged damage hero and possesses many counters that can quickly take her off the front lines. Echo acts best as a poking hero who keeps the pressure on the enemy support and forces them to constantly heal their team. It is best to stick behind with the team’s support hero during fire fights.

Echo’s sticky bombs can be fatal if all of the explosives stick to a single hero. It is capable of eliminating the most damaging and supporting heroes in one go. These bombs can also be used to push enemies into a corner by blocking off their entries or exits.


Players should keep a keen eye out for enemies with low health. With the Flight ability, Echo can go airborne for a small duration and quickly catch injured heroes and finish them off with her Focusing Beam ability. That said, she has a low ammo count per magazine, so it is wise to use her secondary fire and abilities while chasing enemies.

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