How to use the Electro Dragons in Clash of Clans

Electro Dragon in Clash of Clans (Image via Supercell)

The Electro Dragons in Clash of Clans are one of the most widely used troops to attack opponent bases. Players often use it to increase their chance of achieving victory through complete destruction. This troop was first introduced in the June 2018 update, featuring three distinct troop levels at the beginning. When Electro Dragons are deployed with certain other troops, you can easily clear both buildings and enemy troops.

This article will explain how you can efficiently use the Electro Dragons in Clash of Clans.

Attack strategy based on Electro Dragons in Clash of Clans

Follow the given strategy while using Electro Dragons in Clash of Clans:

  • Grand Warden mode: Ensure your Grand Warden is set to air mode. This is crucial as he needs to support your Electro Dragons in the air.
  • Funneling: Start by creating a funnel with your Electro Dragons. Deploy one Electro Dragon on each side where you want to clear out the outer buildings. This helps direct the main group of Electro Dragons towards the core of the base.
  • Hero deployment: Use your Heroes to assist in the funneling process. Deploy them on the opposite side of your Electro Dragons to clear additional buildings and help maintain the funnel. This ensures your Electro Dragons move through the core of the base rather than around it.
  • Deploy every troop: Once the funnel is set, deploy the remaining Electro Dragons, followed by the Balloons and the Stone Slammer.
  • Rage Spells usage: Deploy two Rage spells immediately to boost the damage output of your Electro Dragons and Balloons. Use the Grand Warden’s ability early to protect your troops from initial heavy defenses, particularly air defenses and the Eagle Artillery.
  • Freeze Spells usage: Use Freeze spells strategically to neutralize single-target Inferno Towers, Air Sweepers, and high-damage defenses that threaten your Electro Dragons.
  • Continued Spell support: Keep deploying Rage spells as your troops advance through the base. Keeping the Electro Dragons raged ensures they deal maximum damage and move quickly through the defenses.

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Tips to use Electro Dragons in Clash of Clans

Deployed Electro Dragons in Clash of Clans (Image via Supercell)
Deployed Electro Dragons in Clash of Clans (Image via Supercell)

Here are the required tips:

  • Shadow placement: The shadow beneath the Electro Dragon signifies its position during the attack. Place Rage Spell such that it covers the shadow to avoid missing the chance of raging up the Electro Dragons in Clash of Clans.
  • Targeting priority: Electro Dragons prioritize high-hit-point buildings over collectors. When deploying them, keep this in mind and aim for areas with storage or defensive structures to ensure that their lightning chains target the most impactful buildings.
  • Electric spike indicator: Pay attention to the electric spikes on the Electro Dragon's tail. As they slowly light up and reach the top of the dragon's head, it indicates that the Electro Dragon is preparing to unleash its attack. Time your deployments and spell usage accordingly to synchronize with this indicator for maximum impact.
  • Deploy with spacing: When deploying multiple Electro Dragons in Clash of Clans, maintain a slight gap between them. This allows their chain lightning attacks to hit maximum defenses, spreading the damage across a wider area and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Counter the Air Sweeper: The Air Sweeper poses a significant threat to Electro Dragons by pushing them back and disrupting their pathing. Always be prepared to counter the Air Sweeper with Freeze Spells or Lightning Spells.

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