How to use Life Leech in Outriders

Life Leech is one of the most popular attributes (Image via Square Enix)
Life Leech is one of the most popular attributes (Image via Square Enix)

Outriders has multiple attributes that players can focus on, such as Life Leech. Unlike mods, which generally give passive enhancements to abilities, attributes are broad passive upgrades on gear.

Life Leach is one of those attributes in Outriders, and it happens to be one of the most popular ones to use in the game. It allows players to leech health back from enemies, depending on the damage output of the weapon. That means a weapon with high damage and Life Leech will reward aggressive players with lots of health given back.

On top of abilities that give classes their health back, Life Leech gives Outriders players even more of a constant stream of healing to survive damage. With that said, players can get the attribute themselves and even upgrade it on their own gear.

How to use and enhance Life Leech in Outriders


Unlike mods once again, attributes are not interchangeable on gear in Outriders. That means players need to look around Enoch and hope for the gear they want. When they've found the attribute they want, which is Life Leech in this case, that gear should be saved and upgraded.

Mods can always be changed or swapped out on that piece of gear, so there is no need to worry. The important thing is making sure to find gear with Life Leech on it. However, there are two different versions of Life Leech: Weapon Life Leech and Skill Life Leech.

The desired version is going to depend on the player's build. If an Outrider's build is based on weapons, then getting Life Leech based on firepower percentage is the way to go. Players that use Anomaly damage more will want to use the Skills Life Leech on their own build or gear.

With the type of Life Leech chosen, players should then look at their attributes on the given gear, and Life Leech will show a percentage. That percentage is the indicator for how much health the player will get back when they deal damage. Finding weapons with a higher level or rarity will increase the percentage of Life Leech on gear.

Crafting can be used to do these upgrades in Outriders without having to search for the correct rarity. Anomaly Shards and Titanium will be the required materials that players need to upgrade the rarity or the potency of attributes like Life Leech. Trickster classes will specifically benefit the most from Life Leech with the right skills.

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