"I'm having fun": TikToker slammed for insensitive remarks on COVID 

Image via Chase Copeland
Image via Chase Copeland

A Tiktoker named Chase Copeland posted a video that said he wouldn't care about COVID when summer came, which blew up with hate.

Chase's video took a stance in the wrong direction. It shows a lack of empathy for anyone who has lost their family due to the virus and those trying to stay safe. Many were chastising Chase for his lack of care for others.

In defiance of COVID restrictions, Chase wrote this in the caption of his video:

"When summer is here, I am DONE with Covid. Yall can hate all you want, but idc. Mask is coming off and i'm having fun."

And in the description, he put:

"This summer is about to be one of the best"
Image via Chase Copeland
Image via Chase Copeland

Chase posted another video soon after defending his stance. This video was not as popular. The issue most people found in this video was that he also made fun of fans that were pro-abortion. The caption for this video is:

"Ppl are mad because I said I wouldn't wear a mask. Like ma'am I thought it was 'my body, my choice"
Image via Chase Copeland
Image via Chase Copeland

There are two sides to the comments on his videos in TikTok. People are either very against his stance or they agree with him. The people that disagree are in an overwhelming majority.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

On Twitter, there is one very vocal side who do not agree with Chase at all. Chase is getting hated and flamed all over. He has not joined the Twitter discussion about his video and that's probably for the best.

Chase did not comment on whether or not he has changed his mind since posting both videos. If Chase does break COVID guidelines over the summer, he could put many others in danger. Hopefully, Chase learns to put the safety of others before his self-serving gain.

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Chase is just one of many TikTokers that don't care

Many Tiktokers have been on the news for disregarding COVID restrictions. There have been many news reports and pictures of big stars like Dixie D'Amelio and Bryce Hall not caring about COVID precautions.

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It is very clear by how blatant TikTokers have been about breaking these guidelines that they just don't care. The only way to enforce a rule like this on TikTokers is to apply the force behind the law itself. Bryce Hall is being charged with breaking the law over his recent parties but still has not stopped.

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These TikTokers believe they are above the law. Until someone gives these stars real consequences, the situations won't end.

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