"I didn't mean to kill Sykkuno!": When Corpse Husband apologized for accidentally killing Sykkuno

Corpse Husband is known to be great friends with Sykkuno
Corpse Husband is known to be great friends with Sykkuno

Corpse Husband recently gave the internet yet another reason to gush over his wholesome persona when he profusely apologized for accidentally killing close friend Sykkuno.

In a clip that recently surfaced online, Corpse Husband could be seen playing Among Us with his group of friends, including the likes of Valkyrae, Disguised Toast, Sykkuno, and more.

At one particular juncture, he had accidentally killed the latter only to exclaim in disbelief that he never meant to do so.

What made the entire incident all the more memorable was Sykkuno's reaction, as he feigned anger, only to end up praising Corpse in the most wholesome manner.

The internet can't get enough of Corpse Husband x Sykkuno

Apart from his mysterious persona and deep, distinguishable voice, Corpse Husband is also known for his wholesome friendship with fellow streamer Sykkuno.

The duo have both witnessed an unprecedented rise in popularity ever since they began streaming InnerSloth's Among Us and have since then gone on to dominate the YouTube charts with their memorable streams.

What makes their friendship stand out is their camaraderie with one another, which often revolves around them, teasing and taking jabs at each other, only to end up protecting one another during the game.

Corpse Husband and Sykkuno always seem to have each other's back, which is why when Corpse had accidentally killed Sykkuno during a game of Among Us, he was beside himself with guilt:

"I didn't mean to kill Sykkuno! I'm so sad...I'm...I'm in disbelief that I did that. I didn't check. I didn't mean to do it...I'm so sorry!"

In response, Sykkuno seemed to play along and pretended to be upset initially:

"I can't believe Corpse killed me first, though...I can't believe it. I'm just kidding. I can, but...Corpse is upset that he killed you? He shouldn't be guys; he shouldn't be..."

He then went on to laugh it off and instead ended up praising Corpse Husband in a wholesome manner:

"After he killed me, I became a Corpse, which means I'm super-cool because Corpse is a cool guy. I'm just kidding; that was a terrible joke. I can't believe he killed me first. I'll never forget this for the next seven years!"
"I'm just kidding! Honestly, I hope he wins, and Corpse is one of the best impostors, so..."

Check out some of the reactions online as fans reacted to the Corpse Husband x Sykkuno dynamic:

Image via mxrcurii exe/YouTube
Image via mxrcurii exe/YouTube
Image via mxrcurii exe/ YouTube
Image via mxrcurii exe/ YouTube
Image via mxrcurii exe
Image via mxrcurii exe
Image via mxrcurii exe
Image via mxrcurii exe

In what constituted one of the most memorable moments from their streams so far, Corpse Husband x Sykkuno continues to rule the internet with their precious friendship.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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