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"I told you I had a weird feeling about him": PewDiePie comments on David Dobrik's sexual assault scandal

PewDiePie recently weighed in on David Dobrik
PewDiePie recently weighed in on David Dobrik's cancelation
Modified 29 Mar 2021

Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg recently weighed in on David Dobrik, who has been canceled in the aftermath of his explosive sexual assault scandal.

The YouTube superstar's remarks come just weeks after he made another video referring to Dobrik and The Vlog Squad as "hella shady." He had expressed amazement at how they were even able to get away with all the questionable things they did.

Expanding on his initial train of thought, PewDiePie recently shared his opinions on the David Dobrik drama:

In a recent clip that has since gone viral, PewDiePie began by explaining how his initial prediction of David Dobrik proved to be correct:

"David Dobrik, I was right! I told you I had a weird feeling about him. What happened? Look what happened. F**king called it, where's my award?"

The 31-year-old shared his thoughts on Dobrik's cancelation as well as his dual apologies:

"I said a couple of live streams ago. Damn, he always struck me as a weird guy like I always got Logan Paul vibes from him, like how does he keep getting away with all this s**t? And then it came out he's just been doing f***ed up s**t behind the scenes. And now he lost it all. It's crazy out there, gamers."
"He did two apology videos, right? On where he just tried to brush it off and then he realized he didn't, and then he lost like all his sponsors, and then he comes out with a sincere apology. Damn, it took you two tries, huh? Come to me, I will help you!"

Regarding the last statement about helping David Dobrik, PewDiePie clarified that it was just said in jest.


The Swede's recent summation of the David Dobrik situation ended up inviting quite a few responses online.

PewDiePie comments on David Dobrik's cancellation post sexual assault controversy

David Dobrik recently found himself being canceled online after an explosive Insider article held him accountable for purportedly being actively involved in his friend Dominykas "Durte Dom" Zeglaitis's sexual assault scandal.

Before this revelatory article, dissent against the 24-year-old and The Vlog Squad had already been brewing ever since former member Seth Francois alleged sexual assault at the hands of David and Jason Nash.

Before Seth, it was Nick "BigNik" Keswani whose allegations of mistreatment initially served as an eye-opener for several viewers and fans of David Dobrik.

Since then, public sentiment had been steadily teetering towards the edge of cancelation. As more and more disturbing details began to surface, David Dobrik ended up losing major sponsors, in addition to having his YouTube channel demonetized, which served as the final nail in the coffin.


With PewDiePie recently weighing in on the situation, Twitter users had the following to say:


Having survived the "march of the cancel culture mob" several times himself, PewDiePie's recent statements are sure to invite a fair amount of traction online.

In his latest stream, he also claimed that David Dobrik would return someday, and it now remains to be seen if PewDiePie's prophetic claim ends up coming true again.

Published 29 Mar 2021, 08:55 IST
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