Is Dewgong viable in Pokemon GO PvP after recent GBL changes?

Dewgong, an absolute champ in Season 15 Pokemon GO PvP (Image via Niantic)
Dewgong is an absolute champion in Season 15 Pokemon GO PvP (Image via Niantic)

A couple of days have passed since the new balance changes became effective in Pokemon GO PvP and the meta has been altered by every stretch of the imagination. About 15 creatures have been given new moves in this update and a cumulative 33 have been tweaked, which has greatly changed the way fans used to play in the Great Battle League.

One such Pokemon that received a really significant buff in Season 15 is Drill Run Dewgong. It is a Water-type Pokemon with the moveset Ice Shard, Icy Wind, and in this season, it was given the ability to learn Drill Run as well. It was also given the ability to learn Liquidation but that is not really a meta move. Drill gives Dewgong the Metal-typing coverage and thanks to this new move, it has earned quick recognition in PvP's top rungs.

How does Drill Run make Dewgong a top meta threat in the current season of Pokemon GO PvP?

Drill Run was given to two Pokemon in this season’s balance changes; Alolan Sandslash and Dewgong, and it is a serious threat for anyone who goes up against it, especially if they happen to face the latter. With its legacy moves of Icy Wind and Ice Shard, it is definitely going to overshadow Alolan Sandslash when it comes to use rates.

Drill Run might not win you matches on its own, but the typing coverage and the pressure that it will apply on the enemy will surely pave an easy route up the ladder. You will see these Pokemon being used everywhere and it is advisable to invest your resources in them to upgrade to the PvP requirements of Pokemon GO.

You might wonder why Seaking did not make great moves before Dewgong, even though it already had Icy Wind and Drill Run much before the latter. The reason for that is Dewgong's tanky nature, and it is the bulk that really makes it better than its fellow fish mates.

Dewgong was already strong against a lot of good top meta Pokemon like Altaria, Noctowl, Swampert, and Trevenant. However, it used to face stern defeats at the feet of those like Medicham, Lanturn, Galarian Stunfisk, Bastiodon, and other strong Steel-type Pokemon.


Not anymore! With the addition of Drill Run to its arsenal, Dewgong will now be able to overpower the aforementioned Pokemon. Even though you will not have a one-shot victory, you will be able to put more pressure on your enemies and get more damage out of these critters. Thus, it will charge up your energy and in turn give you an opportunity to beat these matchups regardless.

Icy Wind and Ice Shard are brilliant movesets, but the addition of Drill Run (or Liquidation, depending on which League you want to play) absolutely slingshots Dewgong to the top of the leaderboard in terms of win rates in this season of Pokemon GO.

It would be a really nice decision to power up Drill Run Dewgong if you want to be up there with the top ladder pros in this season's Pokemon GO PvP.

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