Is IShowSpeed in India right now? YouTube star shocks fans by hosting his first-ever livestream from the country

IShowSpeed dons an India jersey as he IRL streams through Mumbai (Image via YouTube)
IShowSpeed dons an India jersey as he IRL streams through Mumbai (Image via YouTube)

YouTube sensation Darren "IShowSpeed" has left the internet in a frenzy by making a long-awaited visit to India, following months of anticipation among his fans who eagerly awaited his decision to embark on this journey. The streamer is presently doing an IRL livestream from Mumbai and exploring the city. He is joined by his cameraman and manager, Slipz.

As previously mentioned, the streamer had previously expressed his desire to visit India primarily because of his admiration for Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. He has now fulfilled this intention and intends to continue his journey by heading to Delhi tomorrow.

Additionally, there is a possibility that he may also visit the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad to witness the India vs Pakistan match in the ongoing ICC Men's Cricket World Cup.

IShowSpeed goes full 'desi' as streamer dons an Indian jersey with dhoti


IShowSpeed has finally arrived in Mumbai, India, and he's got some exciting plans lined up for the upcoming days. Tomorrow, on October 13, he is scheduled to travel to Delhi with the potential objective of meeting renowned Indian cricketer Virat Kohli.

In an intriguing twist, during today's live stream, he sported an Indian cricket jersey featuring Kohli's name and also wore a traditional dhoti (a type of sarong typically worn by Indian men), embracing the Indian culture and cricket fervor.

He also visited a local cricket ground in Mumbai, where he encountered some youngsters practicing. He took the opportunity to join in and test his batting skills. As anticipated, he struggled to connect with most of the balls bowled to him, highlighting his limited experience in the sport.

Will IShowSpeed collaborate with anyone?


It's worth noting that apart from Kohli, the streamer received an invitation from another well-known personality, Daler Mehndi, a popular Bollywood singer from the '90s and 2000s. Daler saw IShowSpeed dancing to his cult classic "Tunak Tunak Tun" and extended an invitation to jam together. He said:

"I invite IShowSpeed to India. Let's sing, talk and jam together. I like him a lot. Thank you for showing me this video of IShowSpeed. We will take care of all the arrangements for him."

In March 2023, renowned Indian rapper Bilal Shaikh, popularly known as Emiway Bantai, had a FaceTime conversation with the streamer. During their interaction, they briefly discussed the possibility of collaborating in the event that the streamer visited India.

However, it remains uncertain whether the two artists will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate, as this conversation occurred several months ago.

The streamer already broke the internet when he met Cristiano Ronaldo, and now, he could possibly meet Virat Kohli. However, it's important to note that there is no official confirmation of this meeting occurring at this time.