"It is going to break the game": ParkerTheSlayer exposes major glitch in COD Mobile battle royale

ParkerTheSlayer exposed glitches in the Desperado class in COD Mobile (Image via Activision)
ParkerTheSlayer exposed glitches in the Desperado class in COD Mobile (Image via Activision)
Dipanjan Dey

Activision recently added the Desperado class in COD Mobile, and it is breaking the game. The community took to Twitter and other social media platforms to reveal all the problems associated with this new class in the game.

The Desperado class in COD Mobile is broken enough to let players wallhack and teleport inside buildings. Simultaneously, it also allows them to become invisible by teleporting inside the terrain. This sort of mechanical defect is forcing the title's battle royale players to raise their voices online.

Popular COD Mobile YouTuber ParkerTheSlayer posted a video about this issue when the Desperado class initially came out on February 20th, 2021. However, Activision has not addressed the problem, neither has it fixed this game-breaking glitch.

The Desperado class in COD Mobile is breaking battle royale mode with its glitches

The Desperado class became quite popular after its initial release recently. It was also highly favored in the test servers, and fans were quite excited to use this class in-game.

However, Activision couldn't detect a terrible flaw in the Operator class, and it has now turned into a broken mechanic.

The Desperado class deploys a shield turret for users to shoot with. This shield turret comes with a 360-degree turn feature, allowing them to fire at every angle. However, this turning dynamic is the epicenter of the problem with this class.

ParkerTheSlayer demonstrated in the video how COD Mobile gamers could teleport inside buildings, containers, and terrain by merely using the shield turret. The trick is to activate the Desperado class near a wall and then turn while holding the turret.

Image via ParkerTheSlayer
Image via ParkerTheSlayer

If performed correctly, the Desperado class user can teleport inside walls, stones, and anything available on the terrain by using this trick. This makes them invisible to enemies and allows them to shoot through the walls without being detected.

Image via ParkerTheSlayer
Image via ParkerTheSlayer

ParkerTheSlayer said:

"As long as you are using your hip-fire, like the moment you get in and ADS, it will actually clip you back out in the normal."

This means that players can only hip-fire with their weapons while they are teleporting between walls in-game. Hence, using a long-ranged gun would not be ideal for this trick.

ParkerTheSlayer admitted that gamers could use this glitch to ambush entire squads in COD Mobile battle royale.

He demonstrated it by taking down a whole team after teleporting inside a rock. Naturally, the opponent squad was unaware of his position, proving how broken this class is in-game.

While numerous gamers from the COD Mobile community have reported this glitch, Activision has not issued an official statement about removing it.

Using glitch spots can be as good as hacking and is hugely frowned upon by the COD Mobile community. Players can only wait patiently for the publisher to take the necessary steps to fix this game-breaking glitch.

In the meantime, it is best to steer clear from Desperado users.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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