It Takes Two trophy guide: How to collect all in-game trophies and achievements

{Image via Maka91Productions on YouTube}
{Image via Maka91Productions on YouTube}
Kayelynne Harrison

It Takes Two has taken the hearts of many gamers as its artistic, relaxed gameplay takes players through several stunning worlds with challenging two-player mini-games along the way.

As with other similar games such as Little Nightmares, It Takes Two's gameplay is centered around appreciating the virtual environments players find themselves in and unlocking all of the hidden trophies.

This article curates all mini-game and trophy/achievement locations so as to act as an It Takes Two trophy guide for gamers looking to unlock all in-game achievements that they may have missed the first time around.

It Takes Two trophy guide: How to collect all in-game trophies and achievements

Below players will find a complete, chronological list of It Takes Two trophies, achievements, and mini games found in each location along with some tips and tricks along the way.

It Takes Two, The Shed: The Depths

  • 1st Mini Game - Whack-a-Cody
  • 2nd Mini Game - Flip the Switch
{Image via Maka91Productions on YouTube}
{Image via Maka91Productions on YouTube}

The Tree: Captured

  • 1st It Takes Two Trophy / Achievement - Fried Friendship
  • One player needs to push the button to be sucked into the machine.
  • 3rd Mini Game - Tug of War

The Tree: Deeply Rooted

  • Trophy / Achievement: Struck a Pose
  • Each player must do this to earn the achievement.
  • 4th Mini Game - Plunger Dunger

Rose's Room: Pillow Fort

  • 5th Mini Game - Tank Brothers
  • Played on arcade machine.
  • Trophy / Achievement: Plastic Prison Breakers
  • Interact with both plastic figurines.
{Image via Maka91Productions on YouTube}
{Image via Maka91Productions on YouTube}

Rose's Room: Spaced Out

  • 6th Mini Game - Spacewalk
  • 7th Mini Game - Laser Tennis
  • Trophy / Achievements - Faraway Frequencies
  • Find four frequencies.
  • Trophy / Achievements - Look at Him Go
{Image via Maka91Productions on YouTube}
{Image via Maka91Productions on YouTube}

Rose's Room: Hopscotch

  • Trophy / Achievement - A Daring Devil
  • 8th Mini Game - Rodeo
  • 9th Mini Game - Feed the Reptile
  • Trophy / Achievement - Break the Bank
  • Fill piggy bank with coins then jump on it to break it, must be done twice.
  • 10th Mini Game - Batting Team

Rose's Room: Dino Land

  • Trophy / Achieivement - Snackosaurus
  • One player uses the dinosaur that acts as a crane to move platforms while the other player rides a dinosaur across the platform. The player with the crane-type dinosaur must eat the other player to unlock this achievement.
{Image via Maka91Productions on YouTube}
{Image via Maka91Productions on YouTube}

Rose's Room: Once Upon a Time

  • 11th Mini Game - Bird Star
  • Trophy / Achieivement - On Rails Experience
  • Trophy / Achievement - Realize Your Art
  • Each player must jump into the art printer to be flattened for this achievement.

It Takes Two, Cuckoo Clock: Gates of Time

  • 12th Mini Game - Bomb Run
  • Trophy / Achievement - Platforming Prodigy
  • Each player must reach the top of the tower to earn this achievement.
  • 13th Mini Game - Horse Derby
  • Achievement / Trophy - Force Trangulated
  • Featuring a Zelda-based Easter Egg, players can ride a paddle boat that leads to a room featuring pots and rupees.

Snow Globe: Winter Village

  • Trophy - Achievement - Lost and Found Trophy
  • Players must find all four turtles and bring them back to the turtle mom. The player with the red magnet will grab the blue turtles while the player with the blue magnet will grab the red.
  • Trophy / Achievement - Mood Swing
  • Complete the Tower by ringing the bell to unfreeze the Tower before reaching the swings.
  • Note: Players must complete all three towers to unfreeze the entire area in order to gain access to all available mini games.
  • 14th Mini Game - Snow Warfare
  • 15th Mini Game - Shuffle Board
  • 16th Mini Game - Icicle Throwing

It Takes Two, Snow Globe: Beneath the Ice

  • Trophy / Achievement - Something Fishy
  • Both players must feed the seals to unlock this achievement.
  • Trophy / Achievement - Terror of the Seven Seas
  • Both players must wear a pirate hat.
  • 17th Mini Game - Ice Race
  • Players must trace the rings back to the starting line to start this mini game.

Garden: Green Fingers

  • Trophy / Achievement - Bug Sized Relaxation
  • Each player must interact with something inside of the spa.

Garden: Weed Whacking

  • 18th Mini Game - Garden Swings
  • 19th Mini Game - Larva Basket
{Image via Maka91Productions on YouTube}
{Image via Maka91Productions on YouTube}

Garden: Frog Pond

  • 20th Mini Game - Snail Race

The Attic: Setting the Stage

  • 21st Mini Game - Slotcars
  • 22nd Mini Game - Chess
  • Available after completing the Rehearsal area.
  • 23rd Mini Game - Musical Chairs
  • 25th Mini Game - Track Runner
  • Out of order as players will return here after completing the Symphony area to complete this mini game.

It Takes Two, The Attic: Symphony

  • 24th Mini Game - Volleyball
  • Trophy / Achievement - Meditation Maestro

The Final It Takes Two Trophy / Achievement

  • It Took Two, Awarded at Credits

Players looking for the option to watch a detailed walkthrough should turn to Maka91Prodctions' extremely helpful YouTube video, featured continuously throughout this article.


Though the co-op journey might be long, completing It Takes Two is a rewarding experience for gamers who are looking to play something a bit more relaxing. This It Takes Two trophy guide will help players identify what mini games and achievements are available where a they enjoy the detailed, interactive in-game scenery.

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